Next 5 Games Will Make or Break This Season

Let’s take a look at the big picture and size-up where the Cowboys find themselves after week 5. A quick evaluation of the NFC shows Dallas is in 10th place in the conference. If the playoffs started tomorrow the Eagles would win the division by virtue of their 2-0 record within the division.

Division Leaders:

Atlanta 5-0
Minnesota 4-1
Arizona 4-1
Eagles 3-2

Wild Card Teams
San Francisco 4-1
Chicago 4-1

In respective order, St. Louis (3-2), New York (3-2), Seattle (3-2) and Dallas (2-2) round out the top 10 of 16 teams in the conference.

2011 was the first season in history since the 16 game-format that the NFC East Title was secured with only 9 wins. For the sake of argument, let’s assume this statistically significant historical trend resumes in 2012 and the NFC East crown will require at least 10 wins. For the sake of this argument, I am also going to predict that it will take at least 10 wins to earn a wild-card spot. In short, Dallas needs to win 10 games to make the playoffs.

So how does Dallas get to 10 wins and just how important is the next 5 game stretch? Consider that if Dallas drops 3 games over this 5 game stretch, that would mean they would need to win 6 of the last 7 games to get to 10 wins. In today's NFL winning 6 of 7 games is not impossible, but highly improbable.

In my opinion, the next 5 games will either make or break the 2012 season. This stretch is that important. This whole idea that over time the line will improve is a great fantasy; the reality is that if Garrett doesn’t immediately put out the offensive grease fire burning down Valley Ranch there will nothing left to save by the 10th week of the season. This team just doesn’t have the luxury of time.

Garrett has made the choice to live or die with the scrap heap of castoffs, has-beens, and undrafted projects that comprise the interior of his offensive line and the foundation of his offense…the cornerstone of his team’s, and possibly his own future. I’m calling it here. Win 3 of the next 5 games or this team’s playoff hopes are up in smoke.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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