How the Cowboys will win the NFC East

The Cowboys stand at 3-5 along with the Eagles. The Giants currently lead the division at 6-3, with the Redskins bringing up the rear at 3-6. Although it looks grim, the Dallas Cowboys will ride an easy second half schedule and the misfortunes of their division-mates to win the NFC East in a turnaround season that will shock the entire NFL. As ScarletO has said, the battle for the NFC East starts Sunday.

Here's how it will play out.

Week 10

In week 10, the Giants will face the Bengals. Although the Bengals have a fair defense, they will be unable to contain the NY attack and will lose 34-27. The Giants remain on top of the division with a record of 7-3.

The Cowboys and Eagles will face off against each other, in which Dallas will hold off Philly from making a comeback and win over a hurting team 20-17. The Cowboys are at 4-5 and the Eagles playoff hopes fly out the window as they fall to 3-6.

The Redskins are on a bye week and their record remains 3-6.

Giants 7-3 (1-2)

Cowboys 4-5 (2-1)

Eagles 3-6 (1-2)

Redskins 3-6 (0-1)

Week 11

In week 11, the Cowboys will take on the Browns. Nuff said.

The Eagles will be in a lock against the Redskins. Both teams suck, but Philly will have some more playmakers and will earn a win over the Redskins, 17-13. The Eagles are now 4-6 and the Redskins drop to 3-7

The Giants have a bye week and their record remains the same.

Giants 7-3 (1-2)

Cowboys 5-5 (2-1)

Eagles 4-6 (2-1)

Redskins 3-7 (0-2)

Week 12

In week 12 the Cowboys will finally get to take on the infamous RG3 at home in a Thanksgiving Day game. The Cowboys will own most of this game and will go all over the pathetic defense and win 27-17.

The Eagles will have an easy game against the Panthers which they will win in a game of inconsistencies, turnovers, and misses opportunites, 23-16

The Giants will have a hard game against the Packers. Although both offenses are good, the Packers have a little bit more of the intangible on defense that the Giants don't and manage to pull through 38-31. The Giants are starting to feel some heat, as Dallas is on a 3 win streak and has closed the gap to just one game. The Giants are suddenly in hot water and cannot afford to let this season slip to a team that was 3-5 three weeks ago.

Giants 7-4 (1-2)

Cowboys 6-5 (3-1)

Eagles 5-6 (2-1)

Redskins 3-8 (0-3)

Week 13

Dallas will face Philadelphia once again, however they will not be against the crowd this time. The Eagles will be looking to keep their head above the water, as they are one game behind Dallas, and a 3 win streak would put them in position to make an impossible playoff runs. Their hopes will dwindle however, as Dallas feasts upon Vick and his turnovers again and come through with a 27-14 win.

The Redskins and Giants face off once again and this time, Eli comes through again. RG3 gets sinfully close to revenge, but it escapes his claws and the Redskins are still looking for their first division win. The Giants pull out a win when they desperately need it, as the Cowboys came out of nowhere and pounced on the Giants tails. They are right behind them and Cowboys Nation is awakening, get rowdier during games, as each week counts and could push the Cowboys into the playoffs.

Giants 8-4 (3-2)

Cowboys 7-5 (4-1)

Eagles 5-7 (2-2)

Redskins 3-9 (0-4)

Week 14

In Week 14 the Cowboys will take on the Bengals. The Bengals have been a disappointment this year, but will still be a tough nail for Dallas to put down. Dallas manages to win with a field goal in the final seconds however with a 20-19 victory,

The Giants will face the Saints. The Saints passing attack will give the Giants something to watch out for, but the Giants offense will make up for it and the Giants will win 30-21.

The Eagles will have a break against the Buccaneers. The offense and defense will play decent and pull out a 21-14 win.

The Redskins will get tortured by Baltimore.

Giants 9-4 (3-2)

Cowboys 8-5 (4-1)

Eagles 6-7 (2-2)

Redskins 3-10 (0-4)

Week 15

The Cowboys will have the hardest game of the second half in week 15 against the Steelers. The Cowboys will make it a tight matchup throughout, but Pitt will play superior in the fourth quarter and beat Dallas 27-17.

The Giants will have a hard game against the Falcons. They will not be able to take advantage of the Cowboys loss, and the Giants fall to the Falcons.

The Eagles will play the Bengals and pull out the win.

The extremely depressed Redskins will finally get a win. Over Cleveland.

Giants 9-5 (3-2)

Cowboys 8-6 (4-1)

Eagles 7-7 (2-2)

Redskins 4-10 (0-4)

Week 16

The Cowboys will host the Saints in week 16. The Saints will be fighting for a playoff spot, but they will not be able to manage a win against a mean defense that will take away their favorite gameplan: aerial attack. Dallas win 24-17.

The Giants will face the Ravens. It will be a game that NY trails the whole way before making a surging leap to take the lead late. However, Baltimore responds with a late score of their own to win the thriller, 31-30

The Eagles and Redskins play each other in a meaningless game. Both teams have fallen out of contention, but the Eagles still pull out a win.

The Cowboys have snatched the division title away from the Giants, leaving the Giants with one week to take it back. In week 17, the Giants will have to beat Philly and hope the Cowboys lose if they want to win the division. Dallas will be playing for the NFC East kingship. All they will have to do is beat the Redskins to take the crown.

Cowboys 9-6 (4-1)

Giants 9-6 (3-2)

Eagles 8-7 (3-2)

Redskins 4-11 (0-5)

Week 17

The Eagles and Giants will play each other in the final week. The Giants will have no choice but to win here and hope the Cowboys lose their game. What's interesting here is that both games will be happening at the same time...Anyway, the Giants will have much more heart here and dominate the Eagles 28-14.

The Redskins will have nothing left in them either after a season that has left them at 4-11 with one game remaining. The Cowboys will be playing for their lives here, as it will be a make it or break it game. The Cowboys will have a hard fight throughout, but will take advantage of the Redskins offense slowing down and a weak defense to pull out the 26-20 win and seal the division.

Cowboys 10-6 (5-1)

Giants 10-6 (4-2)

Eagles 8-8 (3-3)

Redskins 4-12 (0-6)

The Cowboys will overcome all odds in an astonishing twist of fate. They will finish the season strong as NY flusters their own. The Eagles will be at a disappointing finish again. The Redskins are still building. The Giants will be left absolutely stunned and flabbergasted at the turn of events in which the Cowboys made a late season surge to come back and take what is theirs. The Cowboys finally return to playoffs.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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