Game Review Eagles - Match-Ups

Instead of focusing on the game itself, (there are usually some good film studies by others), I will focus more on using the previous or the next game to have a teaching session on an aspect of the game such as a technique and perhaps only one play for a breakdown of that play.

In this post, I will focus on the importance of Personnel Packages, but I will look at it with the idea of one of the most important aspects of Personnel Packages, the match-up advantage that should be there on as many of the 5 skill position players as possible.

Since there are 5 of the 11 players on offense that can catch the ball, ideally all 5 of them should be able to beat the defensive player that will be covering them. Here is the previous post so you can maintain the links for my posts.

Section 1 - FOOTBALL 101 Teaching Session:

In this section I will explain how a play design and personnel package should be designed to work together to reach the desired goal of that play. This can only be done if all of the options are maximized. This means that as you will see in the shots below that Romo will not have time to go through all of his progressions, and quickly has to come to his safety valve, the f-back Lawrence Vickers.

It would appear that this play depended upon a "legal pick or rub play" where Ogletree was supposed to get close enough to Vickers man, that he would get bumped by Ogletree's defender which would then assure that Vickers could have the needed separation to make the first down. However, a faster player that could also provide good enough protection for Romo should his man come on a blitz, would have made this play work even if the pick or rub didn't.

Section 2 - The actual play:

In this first shot, we will see that since this is not a running down, the only reason that Vickers should be in this package would be to first and foremost provide some pass protection should a blitzer come after Romo. But the second purpose of this player should be to be able to beat his man in a one-on-one match-up. Clearly, this should be someone who has the speed or technique to separate and stay separated from his man, and in Vickers case, his speed is sorely lacking. A better choice for this package would be Hanna because of his speed or even Jones or Dunbar because of their speed.

Notice, (the bottom circle), that the down and distance is 3rd and 4 yards for a first. Since the route that was run was not at the first down marker, then this play depended entirely on Vickers, or whoever was in his spot, to get separation that would allow for a run after the catch to get the first down yardage.


In this next shot, notice that Vickers has slipped thru the line of scrimmage and is getting ready to "stick his foot in the dirt" and make his 90 degree cut.


And in the next shot, you can see where Vickers has made his break and Ogletree is coming toward Vickers defender to make the rub.


However, in this next shot, we can see that Ogletree didn't get close enough to Vickers defender in order to make the rub.


In the next shot, we also can see that in all likely hood, Ogletree was the best choice, but only if the blocking held up enough for Romo to have the time to allow the route to develop. (Crossing routes are the best routes to allow YAC.)


And finally, we see that had Ogletree been able to get just a little closer to make the rub work, then we would have been able to make the first down. But, the point of this post is to show how important the little things are. Little details such as making sure that if the rub didn't work, that ALL the skill players have the speed or technique to separate and just as my frustration with Daryl Johnston, (always the slowest man on the field), always being sent out of the backfield behind the line of scrimmage, being used against a faster linebacker and counting on the defense to make a mistake, in the case of this 3rd down call, the package didn't have the proper guy at f-back.

Vickers got tackled as soon as he caught the ball, for a one yard gain because he didn't have the speed to get the proper separation.


I have been absent from posting for a while because I have been moving all my stuff, (junk that I falsely believe is worth keeping), in the 3 public storage lockers, (all three were 10 x 30 and $200.00 per month each), that I needed until I was settled into my new crib, (is that the right colloquial word for house?).

Now that I have gotten out of that expensive nightmare, I will try to return to my normal frequency of postings.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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