No More Excuses

Save it. I know what many are going to say after this retched loss to the Redskins on Thanksgiving Day. Let's not talk about the stud that RG3 is and is going to be. Let's not talk about the dog pile of injuries. Let's not talk about bad officiating. Let's not talk about the O-Line playing "better" as a unit. Save your energy. Because what we witnessed was the Mayflower taking on more water than it could handle two fathoms short of Plymouth Rock.

Anyone still buying into Jerry's or your own blind fandom's sales pitch that this is a playoff team has obviously been ignoring all the warning signs before the season ever began and has certainly been in denial after each and every one of these six uniquely-warped losses. Most of them were very entertaining to the very end, but the bottom line is that this team just doesn't have what it takes...yet. For those of you who still think this is a playoff team, may you woller around aimlessly in your own leftover dressing until New Year.

And it doesn't do any good to blame Garrett or JJ or Stephen or any of the coaches or players. This team is simply what it is - mediocre. But at least, unlike Wade's bunch, this team has far more heart than any Cowboys team since the Big Tuna was briefly here. Maybe more. They just don't have the brains or brawn collectively to pull off a string of victories needed for the playoffs. Sure, we've got talent...but not all in the right places.

Even when our talent is displayed, it is usually to compensate for excessive mistakes or miscues. Cue Dez Bryant flashing physical brilliance after fumbling or misreading routes. Cue Tony Romo driving this team at will in the no huddle when it's too little, too late. Cue the defense ramping up pressure...when there's no other choice.

Did some of our young Cowboys grow up during Thanksgiving's game? You bet. Let's see more of Beasley, Harris and Powell. Bring in more of Bass and Crawford combo. We'll dang sure need them the rest of this retrograde that is 2012. And has anyone, anyone seen Wilber? Remember him.

As we flounder in yet another year of mediocrity, most of us rational, level-headed fans accept what this team is: one that has had to rebuild a roster with no depth and very little talent at the core (o-line and d-line) while we boast supreme athletes at WR, CB and LB.

In our last 16 regular season games, we are 6-10. I know, I know, we should've won the Ravens game, the second Giants game, and the Falcons game. I don't want to hear it. Not now, not for another two years. We are exactly what Jerry can't accept we are - mediocre. Sure, we still wear the same uniforms as the glory years of the '90s and '70s, but the results are nowhere near the same.

I don't want Garrett fired or any other coach. I don't expect Jerry to swallow his ego and hire a football guy to be the GM. But I do want this team to grow, mature and build upon these ridiculous performances of blooper reels. If 2013 is the same verse of the second song, I don't know if I can even listen in the next room.

We need major upgrades along the O-Line and D-Line. We can't cut Mediocre Doug Free's ballooned contract, but maybe we could kick him in at guard and hope Parnell blossoms like no other flower (May included) we've ever heard of of seen since Mark Tuinei. We'll need another pass rusher because despite "Almost" Anthony Spencer transforming into "Aw Yeah" Anthony in 2012, I don't see how we can afford to keep him.

Question is, how will this get fixed before 2013? We're millions over the cap and Stephen has already restructured everyone and their sister with a big contract in the past two seasons. And anyone claiming Stephen is a "salary cap genius," please spare me the pain of responding. Who gets the axe on this roster before 2013? Who can we afford to cut bait? I'm not sure if even Jerry has enough line to buy to put back into these rocky waters.

Whatever your answers or solutions are, please just don't make anymore excuses for this team.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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