It is definitely half empty, I think.

So we have endured 8 games of the 2012 football season and we have discovered that the Boys can compete with anyone and can beat the hell out of themselves. I did a series last year called the good, the bad, and the ugly, we'll that theme is certainly appropriate for this year, so here we go again...

The Good

Corners - For the most part the corners have been good, shutting down the Giants receivers twice, making TB look downright foolish, held Steve Smith in check, they have had a few bad moments (da Bears game and Atlanta), but certainly a huge improvement over last year.

LBs - Lee was awesome before the @&$? toe injury, if he stays healthy he will absolutely beast. Ware and Spencer have been doing what they do, which is pretty damn good. Bruce Freaking Carter has really impressed, the game in Atlanta was a real display, he is fast, athletic and smart. It will be special to watch Carter and Lee together.

The Bad

Drops - Do you realize that the Boys lead the league in drops by 15 over the next nearest team (don't really know that, but it sounds about right). Seriously we drop a ton of passes, watching the Atlanta game made me realize how big a problem this is. How many drops did Atlanta WRs have? Answer 0 catchable balls dropped. Boys, at least 2, and big ones that would have converted third downs. Huge problem this year, can't remember one game without multiple drops.

O Line - Difficulty adjusting to the Callahan system, no continuity, everybody in a different spot or just plain different than lat year. That really becomes obvious when seeing teams run stunts against them. They seem to be making progress I the pass protection department, but run blocking looks way out of sync. You want to see this improve, likely the best way to do that is by letting the same 5 guys play together, or at least as many as possible. Replace one if you can but maintain as much continuity as possible.

The Ugly

Stupidity - It seems like this team makes stupid mistakes at the most inopportune time. Wrong route, dumb penalty, snapping the all with one second on the play clock all the time. How on earth can they continue to do that. Failure to change what isn't working (see short yardage jumbo package). No counters, no double moves with Dez, or anybody else. I can take mistakes in execution, but making mental mistakes over and over is just unacceptable, especially by the coaching staff.

There you have it, half a season, enough to make an estimate of what we got. The glass is half full or half empty. I have always been a half full guy, but I think I have seen enough to say this year is half empty. Hope I am wrong, love my Cowboys. That is why I wrote this, so the football gods can prove me wrong yet again.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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