Maybe I'm Crazy, But Cowboys still have playoffs shot

The last two weeks have pretty much folded the Cowboys season. After an unconvincing win against the Panthers, the Cowboys took on the Giants. That game seemed over before the second quarter started, but Dallas made a heroic comeback, only to collapse in the 4th quarter and lose anyway. With a 3-4 record facing the undefeated Falcons, many thought that week 9 was going to be the Cowboys defining moment. A win against Atlanta would relight the torch and Dallas would once again be a contender. A loss, which seemed likely would all but cave the Cowboys post season hopes. Well, they lost.


There is still hope. While the Giants advance to 6-3 and will most likely win the division, the Cowboys can still compete for the wild card spots. Their upcoming schedule looks much easier than the first eight games, especially now after seeing the way the Eagles have played so far this year.


The Eagles are having a tough time. Their franchise tackle is out for the year. Mike Vick has the threat of being benched in favor of a rookie over his head. The defense is not living up to anything they were expected to do. With Dallas' new defense that has been basically lights out for the most part this year, Mike Vick will have a tough time negotiating his way to scores. Expect him to throw a pick and fumble the ball away as the Cowboys defense lifts them up to 4-5 by keeping the Eagles at 17 and giving the offense enough to put on 20. Not a pretty record, but it will hopefully become much prettier.

Vs Browns

No debate. The Cowboys finally get a break as the Cowboys defense plays lights out and the offense gets their chance to do something positive. The Cowboys easily win 31-10 and lift their record to 5-5.

Vs Redskins

This one may be a toughie with the new RG3 regime going on in DC. But the redskins defense is not very good, and the Cowboys pass defense should keep Griffin in check. Although it's difficult, the Cowboys roll out with a win that puts them right back in the thick of things, as they improve to 6-5.

Vs Eagles

The Cowboys season rests on the next three games. The Eagles have already been beaten by Dallas (hopefully) and at home where the crowd is not so mean to Dallas, Dallas finds a way to win and continue their win streak with a solid win. The defense locks down again and although Romo gives up a couple turnovers, the Cowboys defense does enough and Dallas wins again 23-14 and are now 7-5.


At first glance, I thought this was a game the Boys' would lose. However, the Bengals seem to have lost their ability to win as well, and the Cowboys should be able to exploit that. I think this will be a defensive battle, ruled by Cinci's defensive line and Dallas' pass defense. However, the Cowboys have the edge of (hopefully) a better run game with Murray, and the more experienced QB as Tony Romo edges Andy Dalton on a field goal for the win drive that allows the Boys' to take the game 19-17 and improve, after an astonishing 5 win streak, to 8-5.

vs Steelers

The Cowboys hot streak ends here. The Steelers have an effective offense and one of the best defenses. The Cowboys seem off all day here as the Steelers are just too much to handle at this point and Dallas falls behind 27-14 when the clock hits 00:00. The Cowboys fall to 8-6, with the wild card chase on.

vs Saints

This was also another game I saw the Saints winning. However, without Carl Nicks, their O line has taken a blow. Without a proper coach, they seem out of sync, and the Cowboys should be able to lock down enough on the offense, and capitalize enough on the defense to take a big lead in the fourth quarter, and the Saints can't finish a comeback. Dallas wins 24-20. They improve to 9-6 with the last game of the season upon them.


The Cowboys will be sitting at 9-6 here after starting off 3-5. With a win, I think they can snag a wild card spot, and with a loss, still might be able to, depending on how other teams fare. But regardless, I see the Cowboys completing the sweep here. I think RG3 has a great day after his near-season of experience, but the offense and defense show up to play and the Cowboys survive their last test of the season and miraculously finish 10-6 with a wild card game coming up after a 27-23 victory in DC.

I really do think the Cowboys can pull off the 8 games listed above. I know its a long shot that they go 7-1 after going 3-5 the first half, but I think the Boys' can do it. The only significant threats are Philly and Pitt. Philly is fairly mistake prone and all of these teams save the Steelers match up poorly against the Cowboys. The Cowboys have a key advantage they can grasp in all the other games. I know Dallas lost to ATL, but hey they gave the undefeated Falcons a hard time. If Dallas can play they way they did in ATL, Baltimore, and New York, a 7-1 finish should not be hard. Give or take a split with the Eagles, the Boys can still finish 9-7, which was enough to lift the Giants in last year. All I'm saying is, I have faith in Dallas and I believe that the cast of Witten, Ware, Carr, Claiborne, Smith, Murray, Austin, Bryant and Romo will take us to the post season once again.

Oh hey, and the MAVS are lighting it up!!!! What happens when Dirk returns?? NBA better watch out....

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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