Is it time for Jason Garrett to leave?

In spite of my own frustrations, I think not. To make my point, I analyzed the 53 players in the current roster, plus the others in IR, finding that of those players, 8 were brought to the team by Parcells, 17 by Phillips, and 34 by Jason Garret.

No surprise there. Teams tend to be composed of younger players.However, things get interesting when analyzing only the best players, the ones that should be the cornerstone of a Superbowl contender. In my view we currently have 15 of such kind of players:

Those players were acquired by:

  • Parcells (2003-2006): Jason Witten, Tony Romo, Demarcus Ware, Jay Ratliff, Miles Austin and Jason Hatcher.
  • Phillips (2007-2010): Anthony Spencer, Dez Bryant, and Sean Lee.
  • Garrett (2011-?): Tyron Smith, Bruce Carter, Demarco Murray, Dan Bailey, Morris Claiborne and Brandon Carr.

So, even admitting that the comparison is not perfect, it is quite telling that:

  • After all those years (2003 was the year in which the Irak War started), we still count on six of Parcells charges to compete. Those players were acquired during a four years span.
  • In two years, Garret appears to have acquired six players that should contribute significantly to the team's future.
  • In four years as the head coach, Phillips' only brought three of our best players. It is also worth mentioning that only Spencer was both drafted and groomed (somewhat) by Phillip's. Bryant and Lee were drafted in the Phillips' era, but didn't play for him much.

We were never fully aware of it (each of those years we thought we were contenders), but on hindsight, by the time Phillips left, it was no longer possible to hide the fact that it was necessary to rebuild the offensive line, the secondary, and the middle linebackers corps.

Many people dislike Parecells, but we owe him this much. He left us with enough players, including Tony Romo, to avoid the humiliation of another string of 5 win seasons.

In spite of that mess, after two years, "only" the offensive line, and to a lesser extent the safety position, remain to be fixed. On other areas we need to find depth, and the future replacements of our older players, but those are the problems that even the best teams face.

So no, in my opinion, unless something unexpected happens, like the team giving up on their coach, Garrett should get at least one, perhaps two more years.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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