Cowboys Goulash

When I was a child my mother used to fix us a dish she referred to as “Goulash”. It was based on macaroni and some kind of meat. But it always contained a dash of this and a sprinkle of that, all mystery ingredients depending on what was at hand and leftover from the night before. Best of all it was normally quite tasty and filling. Now for my version of Cowboys Goulash.

I think we may have found a real baller in Sterling Moore. While re-watching the last few games, I have been very impressed with his coverage skills and more importantly his penchant for hitting. The Patriots had been grooming him as a hybrid corner/safety. With all our starting corners back (pun intended) this week, my crystal ball says we may see him taking some snaps at safety. He can’t be any worse than McCray. Could it be possible we may have found our future free safety?

Alex Albright may be blond, but the dude can play. He made several key stops last week and Rob was moving him around like a linebacker (Brian Billick reference). The more you look at this kid, the more you like. I think he is going to make some big plays for us down the home stretch.

Don’t look now but the offensive line does not look so offensive. There were several times Romo actually had a pocket to stand in. One time I actually think I saw him bite off a hang nail before he attempted to pass. He only had to do his Eduardo Carrocchio (Seinfeld reference) imitation a couple of times. If this continues Romo is going to slice up opposing defenses like a Christmas turkey and Demarco Murry is going to exploit real holes and give the opposing defensive coordinators nightmares.

With the offensive line executing and a real running game emerging, Jason Garrett’s play calling looks like shear genius. Funny how that works.

Hope we see more of JG5000’s latest secret weapon, James Hanna. This guy is a match up nightmare. Big, super fast and contrary to the draft guru’s evaluation, he can catch. We have seen previews, now let’s give no quarter.

Rob Ryan needs to be in the running for “how the heck did you do that coach” of the year award. Who are these guys he keeps sending out there? My life long Cowboys buddy and I kept saying over and over last game, “who the heck made that tackle?”.

Directly related is Kudo’s to the Pro Scouting Department , Judd Garrett and Will McClay. Where do they keep finding these guys? Whatever you are doing keep doing it.

Is it time to give our defense a nick name? Ryan’s Replacements? Jason’s JAGS? Looking for help here!

Finally where have all the fire Jason Garretts gone? Seems they have found refuge in a shelter along with the Spencer sucks crowd. I hear they are serving up a pretty good Cowboy’s Goulash at this shelter. The secret ingredient is CROW!

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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