It was all a dream

Supposed to be finished before the Saints game, but now that it's past I'll add some commentary on that game too in here. Congrats Witten on the receptions record in a single season by a tight end.

Editors Note*

Over the past few weeks I have come to realize a few things. Within the next year I'll be off to college, wherever that may be, and with that comes a lot of changes. Changes that I'm excited for. Yet I've had trouble the past few weeks getting of what I wanted to say out to a large group of people, but opened myself up in the early games thread. I was mostly upset with the events that occurred in Connecticut. I was disgusted and do not really want to go into it. Just take a moment of silence for those who were taken from us too early.

In comparison to that my personal problem is microscopic. Before stumbling upon SBNation I liked writing and getting my opinions out to sports fans. I wrote on countless forums and websites before writing my first fanpost here. Though I gave up on fanposts when I was asked to write for a website where I wrote for almost a year before joining the FanSided Network not too long ago. You see I grew bored. I wanted to write for an SBNation site. I still do. To say that is an understatement. It's been a goal of mine for over two years. I found out my best chance of that is to write fanposts. So after multiple rejections from SBNation editors, (none that I hold a grudge at) I decided to write a fanpost a week where I will express my opinions on the Dallas Cowboys and the NFL. Hawkeye really inspired me to do this after chatting with him in the early games thread. Thank you.

As DeMarcus Ware once said, "Put up or shut up." My goal starts here.

Wow. After the Cowboys began 3-5 I didn't know that we would be in this position with two weeks left in the season. I mean, I entertained the idea of the Cowboys going a possible 7-1 the rest of the way, but didn't know that they would actually be within striking distance of doing so. For that I am a proud fan. Something I have not been able to say since the late weeks of 2009, the last time Dallas earned a trip to the playoffs. I just cannot believe that a team that was dubbed mentally incapable of winning close games has won two games against tough opponents after trailing by 7 or more.

Moose told us all how Tony Romo felt if this team was down 14 points going into the 4th Quarter yesterday, confident. Romo feels confident that this team can will itself back from 14. That is so unlike this team to do that with all the losses the Cowboys have suffered from over the years. Yet, Romo lived up to his word. He brought the team back with a little over four minutes left in the game. He managed to throw two touchdowns during that span to two receivers not named Dez Bryant. Although Bryant had a lot to do with getting the Cowboys offense within striking range for those touchdowns.

This team would not have had the mental toughness to do that last year. Yea, they lost and there are no moral victories in this league. Or is there?

This team did something we're not accustomed to in Big D for a while. For one, they came back from 14 down in a matter of four minutes. Two, they made a stop on the defensive end against Drew Brews. Mike Jenkins got a big tackle on Colston, not allowing him to gain an extra yard for the first down to seal the game. The old Cowboys would have let Brees take some kneels to finish the clock.

This Cowboys team is different. During the loss yesterday you had those trolls who came back to get their shots in. Maybe we're not a Super Bowl team this year. Do you blame this team? They have half their defense injured. Yet, they manage to get stops when they needed it. Okay, not in overtime, but they were likely exhausted.

If you all remember 2009 and the fools gold of a coach Wade Phillips was that year you'll be hesitant to be on board with Garrett. Wade fooled us. He helped get the Cowboys to the playoffs and defeated the Eagles only to lose to the Vikings a week later. The next season he was fired within the first 10 games of the season. We can't help, but evaluate Garrett after every game now.

But I have a feeling that Garrett is the right coach for this team. In his second full year as a head coach he has a team that was 3-5 in a NFC East Championship game. If the Cowboys win you can argue he won with less talent than in 2011. (On the defensive end.)

I'm just proud of this team for being in this position after how the season began. No matter what happens Sunday Night, expect the Cowboys to be a force in 2013 when our defense fully recovers. Lets go Cowboys.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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