Random observations from section 420

1. The crowd was not as into this game as others i have attended. It was my first time sitting on the first row of the 400 section. If you are on that row, there is a great little metal ledge that you can beat on to make a lot of noise, a quick glance around the stadium showed only about six other people doing that on Saints third downs. Home crowd needs more real fans.

2. Dez one on one with Robinson was a huge mismatch. After the second touchdown the Saints always had a safety over the top on Dez's side. I was shocked that Romo couldn't just abuse them down the seams, the middle was wide open after they made that adjustment. I also thought putting Dez in a three receiver bunch on one side would have reaked havoc.

3. We could not cover a back on any kind of route, damn I miss Lee and Carter. Sproles is awesome at that stuff and was a huge mismatch for us, but there were other times when it was simply a blown coverage, just too many new guys. the Saints are a smart team offensively and they found all the mismatches. Conner and Popinga just could not hang, reminded me of James and Brooking.

4. Harris is our best blocking wide receiver. He can hold the edge without holding. They brought him in on several occasions when they were running screen and needed him to block. I think we have our #3. If a Tree falls in Dallas, and no one is ther to hear it, does anyone care, no.

5. I have yet to attend a Boys victory in the new stadium, I can't decide if I should stop going or if I am due to attend several victories in a row. I was there for two great comebacks that came up just short this year, NYG, and NO.

6. Murray was just a step from breaking a couple of long ones, I was convinced he would break a long one if they just kept with it. The last drive before the end of the first half really was a head scratcher, don't know why we didn't run a draw on third down, if you get it good, if not you burn some clock or take away their timeout.

7. Spencer was a non factor in this game. Ware was as well but he was hurt so he gets a pass. I am not sure what was going on with Spencer but he didn't make many plays and he made a critical mistake (4th down offsides) that ended up costing us a touchdown.

8. The blown holding call at the start of the game was just inexcusable. The call on Colston's catch and fumble was the right one, but that was the exact same play as last week, except we didn't get the ball this time. The gray area in what constitutes a catch now needs to be addressed.

9. As the Saints scored their last touchdown, I found myself wondering why does this team have to be down by 10 - 14 points before they can't be stopped. The ease with which they marched downfield on those last two drives was something. The last one got a little touchy before the 4th down play, but man that was beautiful.

10. Fans have to be proud of this team, they never quit. They find a way to hang in there. The Saints are a matchup nightmare for the Boys without Lee and Carter and the rest of the middle of the D. Next week will be interesting. You are unlikely to hear that the Boys played the last Skins game without Tyron, without Murray, with a gimpy center. They also lost Carter mid game. I am looking forward to this game, this team has a obvious flaws, but so does everyone else, this team has a lot of heart and a QB who is playing lights out. They have a chance, we shall see, can't wait.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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