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Well, at least we won. This victory though, came like every other victory this season. It left me, at least, feeling less secure winning, then, surprisingly, winning. These Eagles were on their last legs (or wings). We should have blown. them. out. and yet we still managed to let them get close enough to attempt an onside kick with thirty seconds to go. Well, that's enough of my rambling. Without further ado, here are the Things I Think.

1. Murray is playing a big factor in the offense.

Well, before the Eagles game I heard Murray coming back and was very doubtful about just how good he would be. His first run put those doubts to rest. Before the game, I didn't think this O-line was even halfway decent. And to a certain extent, it isn't. It allowed two sacks two an Eagles team whose leading had been released and the now-leading-rusher (for lack of a better term) had only 3 sacks the whole year. To put things mildly, Anthony Spencer has more sacks than two of them combined, and Ware has more sacks then three Eagles combined. And we let them get two on us. Passing twenty-seven times. Last week the O-line allowed two sacks throwing the ball sixty-two times, which means the sack rate nearly doubled in this game. However, with Murray in the game, things suddenly opened up in a way it didn't even two weeks ago against the same Eagles team. Romo had time (in the second half) Murray averaged four yards per carry, and.......

2. Jason Witten is old reliable.

The Cowboys started with a three-and-out. Afterwards, Romo immediately turned to Witten and threw him three completions. WItten had several important first downs and helped kill off the Eagles with that great reception near the goal line. It's going to be a sad day when this old GOAT retires.

3. Have I mentioned this before?

The WRs are playing pretty well again. To my eyes, every single one of them fought for yards. Yes, even Ogletree tried after his first two attempts at catching an object known as a football. However, it is quickly becoming clear to most fans and viewers that Cole Beasely and Dwayne Harris are playing at a higher level than Tree right now. Aside from the lower levels of the WR corps, though, Dez Bryant has become a beast. To put things in perspective, he caught 6 balls for 98 yds and two tds and his yardage DECREASED. I know that it's impossible, but if he had kept up this three game stretch since the beginning of the season.....these are the stats he would have come up with:

2,069 yds -- absurd, I know, but hey! This isn't frontpage. I get to do stuff like this.

27 TDs

139 Catches

14.88 yds/catch

Those are freakish numbers. I, for one, hope this isn't an aberration and that Dez is really taking the 88 jersey for his own.

4. A decision for the blog. Morris Claiborne finally got his defensive touchdown. That being said, it wasn't a "Pick 6" per se. Do we count it as a pick 6? Or do we hold out and wait longer for his first "Pick 6". Poll below. And personally, unless I see 20+ votes, I'm going to invalidate the poll.

What do you guys think? Feel free to post comments below?

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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