Of course it's huge for the Dallas Cowboys. Against the hated Redskins, on the national stage, for the NFC East Championship … a virtual repeat of last year and of the 2008 Eagles debacle. The Dallas Cowboys need this game, plain and simple.

America's Team is way over-due on the road to reassert itself in it's rightful position atop the NFL. That path starts with incremental steps, and it all starts with a victory tonight. Nobody needs to remind the players on this team, the coaches, the owners … nor us fans of this simple fact: THIS GAME IS HUGE.

  1. Tony Romo. What else can possibly be said about Tony Romo's abilities, his effectiveness in big games, his leadership, his December record … hell, let's not forget to throw in his beautiful wife and his golf game to boot! Seasoned BTB vets can only begin to sympathize with the frustration Romo must face daily. In all of my years of following sports, I cannot think of a more deserving character for a victory on the big stage. BTB vets also know how many times Romo has been clutch. How many times he's led this team to victory in big games, big situations, big moments. But tonight he has a chance to (again) silence the mediots as well as the legions of Cowboy haters with a victory. Sure, it's not all on him. Team game, sure. He doesn't play defense … yea, yea, I get it. None-the-less, Romo wants and needs this victory more than anyone.

  2. Jason Garrett. Much has been written about 'The Process' and the changes JG has brought to the Cowboys. Just this week, Scarlet-O wrote a great piece about the incremental progress in JG's tenure. This team has already demonstrated a level of heart and determination not seen around these parts in well over a decade. Win or lose, they're fighting to the end, and that's a reflection of the coach and his Process. But in order to reinforce this dogma, you eventually need proof. And in the NFL, that proof is a playoff birth. JG needs a win here, and he knows it.

  3. Jerry Jones (and Stephen Jones). This one goes back 25 years. Jerry may never be forgiven by a segment of fans for the way he summarily dismissed Landry. And I was part of that crowd. It wasn't until we lost to the Lions in the '92 playoffs that I realized I loved the Cowboys more than any one coach or owner, and I forced myself to find forgiveness and faith. Yea, the NFL is my religion. Now it's been two decades since Emmitt, Troy, Michael and Co. took the field in The Rose Bowl and dismantled the Buffalo Bills, Act One. TWENTY YEARS! Well, ladies and gentlemen (and gabriela), you can't get back there if you ain't in the tournament, and nobody knows this more than Jerry. He's opened his wallet. He's opened his heart to perhaps too many players. And he's recently even opened his GM responsibilities to accommodate his very capable son Stephen. A victory tonight would be the first step toward the return trip. It would ease the pressure on Jerry, give confirmation that his son is capable, and maybe even cause a few more fans to forgive and find the faith. Nobody needs to tell Jerry – this game is HUGE.

  4. Witten, Ware, Rat, Miles, etc … This team, these players want and need this victory. There are only so many years of hard work, sweat and blood you can lay on the line before you need to start seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. A loss will mean they're still treading water … mediocre or worse like 44-6 or last year's Giant's disappointment. Another off-season of swallowing your pride, putting a positive spin on it and moving on. No way! If you and I are sick of it, imagine Witten, Ware, Rat, Miles, Romo … all of em! THEY want and need this victory far more than we can imagine! THIS GAME IS HUGE FOR THEM!

  5. The Uglies – O-line and D-line. The O-line has been receiving much-deserved criticism since before the Giant's play-off debacle back in 2008. They have done very little to deflect that criticism over the years, thanks in no small part to the lack of priority this unit has received in the draft and free-agency. This year started out in the same tune, but something funny has happened in recent weeks. The Romo houdini act has not disappeared, but it's suddenly in less demand. Credit Murray in part, but let's face it, a victory tonight would confirm what many here at BTB have seen for weeks – that this unit is playing better. After all the crap these guys have had to listen to through the years, it's time for them to step up and prove themselves.

    The D-line wants this victory for almost the opposite reason. Decimated by injuries, this unit can prove that even our 3rd team depth is capable of rising to the occasion. They want it for all the guys on IR, for Rob Ryan, for Ware and Rat. This unit can prove it's the future of the Cowboys, heart and soul.

  6. BTB Community. Let's cut to the chase: who wants BTB dominated by the sky-is-falling crowd for another off-season? Their constant pessimism wrapped in the thin veil of realism can cause gun sales to rise, even if we're only buying blanks. There's a whole army of optimists that have been growing in strength and certainty, and a victory tonight confirms all of their/our faith. We know we're headed in the right direction, but how to argue with years of mediocrity? The list above is our battle ground for off-season debates, and a victory tonight at least levels the playing field. THIS GAME IS HUGE for that fight!

  7. Cowboys fans vs. the NFL. Redskins fans. Giants fans. Eagles fans. Okay, maybe not Eagles fans. But need I mention the Packers, Steelers, 49ers, Saints, Texans or pick any team with a fan in your office. I'm tired of listening to their steaming piles of argument. I grew up with these teams all making sorry cases for why their franchise should be in the same conversation with Landry's 'Boys. It was live entertainment shooting down their arguments. But lately we've lost all ammunition! To get back there we need to start winning the games that count, and that starts with a victory tonight!

Think how glorious would it be to have an entire off-season wearing the title of NFC East Champs. That alone has been too few and far-between. And beating this group of young-buck Redskins, is a perfect way to set the tone for a rivalry that is shaping up to be great for years to come.

Consider if you even can the alternative … an entire off-season of this whole list fighting for respect … the mediocrity must end, and it must end now. THIS GAME IS HUGE!

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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