The Romo Reality Check

I've defended Romo ever since he became a starter and will continue to do so. Yes, he had a bad game. Yes, it's certainly fair to wonder if his performance yesterday is related to his self-doubt. Yes, it's fair to say he tries to do too much from time to time. However, I'm not sure what choice he has on that front. He has carried this team in the second half of the season, just like he carried them last year.

He's taken a beating this year because of the line and has bailed out his line again and again with his mobility. Yesterday, he was sacked twice and hit five other times and it seemed like he was pressured just about every time he dropped back.

The question for all the Romo bashers is this: what better QB is available? In the 2012 draft, there were three QBs whose play was playoff worthy this year: RGIII, Luck and Russell Wilson in Seattle. The jury is out on everyone else and that was a bumper crop of QBs. And no one was projecting this kind of success for Wilson.

From the 2011 draft, there is maybe Cam Newton, who didn't exactly re-write the record books this year. In 2010, there is maybe Sam Bradford, and the jury is definitely out on him. In all those years, many other QBs were taken. But they are either gone or marginal. And none of the QBs taken since 2010 would be an upgrade over Romo. And you don't need to stop there. In 2009, you had Matt Safford, who took a step back in Detroit this year. And then you have the next three QBs taken, the illustrious Mark Sanchez, the otherworldly Josh Freeman, and our own favorite, Stephen McGee.

You can see how bleak it is. Well, it's worse than that. Let's assume that the Cowboys had the number one over all pick in the draft for the next three years. Guess what these guys all have in common:

JaMarcus Russell

David Carr

Alex Smith

Tim Couch

That's right, they were the number one overall picks in the NFL, the year they came out. You can see how very hard it is to get your hands on a franchise QB. The 49ers have been looking for a franchise QB ever since Steve Young retired. Miami has to go back to Dan Marino (who, by the way, was questioned for not winning a Super Bowl). Tampa has never had one. And let's not even talk about the QB muck that Jerry Jones dredged up after Troy retired and before Romo won the job.

Would I rather have RGII or Luck over Romo? Sure. But not because they are better now but because they have the potential to be franchise and All-Pro QBs and are much younger.

(By the way, I'd love to see what Romo would do with a running back and offensive line who gained 1600 yards. He'd probably hit 70 percent of his passes and have a QB rating of 110).

And there is no one that I can think of who is going to come in from the draft of 2013 and do what any of the top three rookies did in 2012. Geno Smith? Doubtful. Matt Baily? I don't think so. I'm also not seeing any free agent QBs who would be an upgrade. Mark Sanchez? Tim Tebow? Please. Maybe I missed the story about Peyton Manning being a free agent again.

So while we can all whine about Romo, unless there is a clear upgrade available, save your breath. Any option out there would be a big step backwards.

In fact, the only argument for getting rid of Romo is if you want to blow up the team.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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