Romo Reality Check Rebuttal

The premise of this argument is based on one question. "In the NFL's history, is there an "Elite Quarterback" that has missed the playoffs 3 seasons in a row? If you were told the Jacksonville Jaguars missed the playoffs five out of six seasons, would you argue the teams has an upper echelon quarterback on the roster?

What hurts me the most about Tony Romo is when people say "Who you going to replace him with?" As if there's a such thing as an irreplaceable football player. This is the league whose motto is "the next man up." That is why there is an annual draft. That is why the Cowboys employ scouts. The argument that Dallas should not select a quarterback is preposterous. A quarterback competition with an undrafted QB is by no means a bad thing.

Andy Dalton, Colin Kaepernick and Russell Wilson were all acquired in the later rounds of the draft. Peyton Manning was signed as a free agent. Matt Schaub was traded for. Every other 2012 playoff QB was drafted in the 1st round. If a team wants to win, they have to make a commitment to winning. Draft Tyler Wilson or trade for Ryan Mallett both of Arkansas. [other ideas, comment]

Texas NFL QBs

There are numerous quarterbacks from the state of Texas who start in the NFL. I'm not alluding to the Vince Young's, Matthew Staffords, Matt Flynn's, and Kevin Cobb's of the state. This is a reference to Robert Griffin, Andrew Luck, Drew Brees, Andy Dalton, and even Christian Ponder - all of these players have lead a team to the playoffs more recently than Tony Romo. All are from Texas. It is impossible to believe that talent evaluators in Dallas are not aware of these QB's skills. Yet the Cowboys failed to acquire any of them.

Every quarterback in the 2012 NFC playoffs was acquired by their team after the cowboys signed Tony Romo! (Rodgers became a starter after romo) Every QB in the AFC was acquired by their teams after the cowboys signed tony romo in 2006 except Tom Brady!

The leader of the Cowboys is not inspiring his teammates to make plays (otherwise the players would have made them.) Think of Eric Decker and Demariyus Thomas from the Broncos. Are they "better" than Miles Austin and Dez Bryant? Or are they more prepared to make big plays because of Peyton Manning? Are they less injured because they are inspired by Peyton Manning?

Facts not Stats

My father called Tony Romo a "con-man." He is selling us a sham product - Romo sells stats not facts. Most yardage in team history (not most playoff appearances.) Most touchdown passes (not most wins.) Ask fanbases would they rather have John Elway, Troy Aikman, or Dan Marino. The first two won, the last had good stats. Records were made to be broken, Superbowls are noted in history.

Fans say to fire Jerry Jones, are you kidding me? Why is Tony Romo so "bulletproof?" Like it or not Jerry Jones has 3 superbowls, a fact. Tony Romo has 2 playoff appearances! quick someone tell me Troy Aikman's quarterback rating… no one know what it is. Number 8 is not remembered for that. Aikman will never get on TV and say "I need to get better." He did that, he did not talk about it.

Compare Notre Dame to the Dallas Cowboys. They had a 20 year dry spell and have turned it around. Winning is worth the wait. But they fired/cut coaches who did not win, no matter the financial costs. No patience, no "one more chance." when fans stopped believing in the leaders of the fighting irish, those figureheads were gone.

Tony Romo is a Loser

Ask your friends and ask the players who still believes in Tony Romo? I want to see a press conference where someone unequivocally, steadfastly believes in Tony Romo's ability to win a superbowl. This season he had a chance to defeat two rookie quarterbacks (RG3, Wilson) to make it into the NFC divisional. He is 0-3 against them.

The memories I have of Tony Romo are always loses. The last game of the season to all 3 NFC East teams in 2012, 2011 and 2008. Botched snap in Seattle. Players lost include Terrell Owens, Roy Williams… coaches lost include Bill Parcells, Sean Payton and Wade Phillips… I remember T.O. playing in the superbowl. I remember Payton in the Superbowl. And I never remember Tony Romo in the superbowl. I remember Tony Romo as a loser.

Troy Aikman is a winner. Tony Romo is a loser. Who are there "Tony Romo Apologist?" You proably would have said, "cut Michael Irvin he is a distraction." Tony Romo is a man that literally went on vacation to Mexico before the divisional round of the playoffs. Let's ask superbowl winners Tom Brady, the Manning brothers and Aaron Rodgers if that is something they would do. I wonder if these 4 and Tony Romo have that in common?

Recently I saw Heath Evans on NFL network do a segment called "do your job" for Robert Griffin versus Dallas. Basically saying RG3 needs to play well in the big game for his team to win. I was so disheartened that he did not do the segment on Tony Romo. Is 3 interceptions and a loss doing your job?

Superstar Myth

Tony Romo does not have a twitter account because he knows that he would get hate mail constantly. Romo does not have "fans," he is not a "superstar." What products has Tony Romo ever endorsed? Would Pizza Hut sell more pizzas with Romo than Rodgers? Does Pepsi want to be seen with Romo over Brees. Would customers buy NFL Sunday Ticket if Romo was the spokesman?

Jason Garrett could be fired, not because of game management or play-calling, but because he kept Tony Romo as a starter. A overlooked fact - Garrett went 5-2 during his interim year with Jon Kitna as quarterback… with Jon Kitna at quarterback!! It is not Garrett or Jones who is the problem, it is Tony Romo.

I believe Kyle Orton would be a better choice for this team because of the things he would not do. Orton would not lose the team the game. He is a game manager. There would not be games where Orton turned the ball over multiple times in the first half, thus leading to the defense playing from behind or taking away field goal opportunities. Orton would take the checkdown, would make an accurate slant pass on 3rd down and 5. Orton won't be the lead story on ESPN, because wont turn the ball over 3 times in a prime time game.

All I want is for Tony Romo to prove me wrong. But I won't be quiet about by missing the playoffs 3 years straight. We all know how great it feels to make the playoffs and how much it hurts to miss them. Ultimately, it is the simple things that make a quarterback great. the routine things. the 3rd down conversions. not the stats. not the highlights. the wins.

His last sentence is "if you want to blow up the team get rid of Romo." Would that be such a bad thing. circle back to my first sentence "if the Jacksonville Jaguars missed the playoffs five of six seasons, would you not consider blowing up their roster."

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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