KD's 10-for-10 - 2012 Holiday Bonus #2

Here is the long-awaited and long-promised Holiday Bonus FanPost #2. Last year, as I reported in the first Holiday Bonus FanPost, our participation dropped off sharply the final three weeks of the season. So, I am offering a chance now to post your picks for any/all of the final three weeks of this season.

Here you go.

This is the second of two Holiday Bonus 10-for-10 FanPosts. There won't be any updates or reports (those will still be in my regular FanPosts), but there will be the opportunity to submit up to three weeks' worth of picks (Week #15, Week #16-Christmas, and Week #17-New Year's).

Here, again, is my final participation chart from 2011. You can see how participation dropped off. This year, there are many more participants. Our lightest week (this past week) is still much greater than our heaviest week last season (week #3). In both seasons, the non-participants began to outnumber the participants in week #11.

2011 Participation
Week Submitted Skipped Total
1 81 0 81
2 86 26 112
3 96 30 126
4 86 43 129
5 76 53 129
6 80 53 133
7 74 61 135
8 77 62 139
9 80 66 146
10 79 73 152
11 75 80 155
12 76 80 156
13 73 84 157
14 76 82 158
15 68 90 158
16 67 94 161
17 53 109 162

Here is the current participation chart from 2012 (through week #13). You can see how the decline in participation mirrors last year's decline. Last year, though, we continued to add new participants each week. This year, we hit a plateau in week #10. No one new has joined since then.

2012 Participation
Week Played This Week Missed This Week Total
1 222 0 222
2 199 44 243
3 177 69 246
4 168 83 251
5 149 104 253
6 147 108 255
7 137 119 256
8 137 120 257
9 131 127 258
10 130 129 259
11 122 137 259
12 120 139 259
13 113 146 259

I have taken early picks the past few weeks on my regular FanPosts. These two Holiday Bonus FanPosts have replaced that practice. I will still do regular weekly update FanPosts, but early picks will now be taken on these FanPosts.

Please note, NBC's Flex Scheduling has begun, and games may be shifted to/from NBC's Sunday Night Football slot. Last year, the Cowboys got "flexed" into SNF a couple of times, including the finale against the Giants. This year, no games have been flexed yet, and none appear likely for the next couple of weeks. The NFL has already announced that Detroit-Green Bay is set as the week #14 NBC game (no change this week). Week #15 is likely to remain as originally scheduled - San Francisco-New England - and not likely to change.

However, I expect a change in week #16, and there will definitely be a change in week #17. I am listing the games as they are currently scheduled - sorted by day, kickoff time, and then alphabetically by home team (the pattern used by to list games). If/When the final two games are shifted to/from NBC, I will update my FanPost, but you do not need to worry about re-ordering your picks. Just copy/page what I list below, however the games are listed when you pick.

Week #16 - Christmas weekend - there is no Monday night game on Christmas Eve, and there is no Thursday night NFL network game. Instead, ESPN will run "Monday Night Football" on Saturday evening. That game (Atlanta-Detroit) is set, and is not part of the NBC-NFL flex arrangement. However, the NBC scheduled game is San Diego-New York Jets. I fully expect this game to be flexed out of that slot and replaced by NBC and the NFL with a more compelling game. I'm too lazy to look up the rules for how often teams can be scheduled for national (NBC, NFL, ESPN) telecasts in a season, and how many these teams have already been scheduled. But, if eligible, I fully expect NBC to dump their game onto CBS and take one of these games from FOX - New York Giants-Baltimore or San Francisco-Seattle.

[NOTE - I just got the official word today - December 11 - that this is happening. SF-Sea is now the Sunday night game and SD-NYJ is moved to CBS and will be early. I am adjusting the "pick order" for those that haven't made their picks yet. You will see the new game order now. That means that SF is on NBC - and on the road - two straight weeks - at NE and at Sea. Who thinks they'll go 2-0?]

[NOTE #2 - Giants-Ravens game in week #16 is moved to a late afternoon kickoff. It will replace the 49ers-Seahawks as FOX's doubleheader featured Game of the Week.]

Week #17 - New Year's weekend - the rules are different for the final week. The original schedule has nothing for NBC. One of the games will be selected by Monday, December 24, and flexed into the Sunday night season closer. All of the games are currently assigned to their "normal" networks. Neither NFL nor ESPN will broadcast games during week #17. Every game that is not played in a western time zone is originally scheduled for the early slot. The only games originally scheduled for late slots are the four games at Denver, San Diego, San Francisco, and Seattle.

Both CBS and FOX are permitted to show doubleheaders after taking turns during the first sixteen weeks. They will each probably move more appealing games to their late-afternoon slots as well (after NBC picks its game).

Again, I will edit this FanPost to adjust the game order each time that NBC and the NFL flex their scheduling muscles.

[UPDATE - Cowboys-Redskins, as expected, got flexed into the NBC Sunday Night season finale, and two other games got moved to late kickoffs. I have edited the week #17 schedule at the bottom to reflect the new game order.]

Feel free to post any/all picks on here for the next three weeks (Thursday/Saturday Game Only or the complete 10-for-10). Remember, just as on KD's weekly contest page, that you must submit all picks before the early games kickoff on Sunday in order to score 10-for-10. Late entries (late afternoon and night games) are only accepted when the Cowboys play later. After the Cowboys game kicks off (early or late) - no more entries.

You may split your picks between this page (say, Thursday Only) and KD's contest page (Sunday-Monday games). It doesn't matter to me. As long as picks are posted SOMEWHERE, I will find them and count them.

It would make my life easier if you could include the week number in your subject line, but I'm sure I can figure out which week you are picking if you format everything correctly.

Many of you may not need to make picks extra early, and prefer to wait for KD's page so you can account for last-minute events (late injuries, suspensions, resting of starters, weather conditions, etc.). But, for those who need an outlet to make picks early without having to wait for me or KD, I hope this is useful.

Again, this is just for weeks #15-17. You can still post early picks for week #14 (this week) on my Holiday Bonus FanPost #1.

This one is so you can make picks without affecting your Christmas and New Years' holiday plans. Many of you are students, and will be on Christmas break. Others will be traveling with your family - Grandma's, vacation, etc. Some have scheduled medical procedures during Christmas when work is slowest.

Byes were over in week #11. Each of these weeks will have a full slate of sixteen games. By design, all games in week #17 are division games. The NFL wants all closing games to be relevant and meaningful.

Rex Pfister picked all three weeks in the first Holiday Bonus and challenged anyone to match him at 30-for-30. Some did, and one raised the ante to picking all sixteen games. So, k@s! and Rex are playing 48-for-48 as well.

If you wish to do that on here, you are more than welcome. Here are two caveats, though:

  • Standard rules are in effect. You can't change a pick once it's submitted, even if circumstances that affect the game take place after you make your picks.
  • If you play 48-for-48, please make sure I can tell the difference between the 10-for-10 picks and the extra six picks.


Week #15 (December 13, 16-17):

Thursday (December 13)---------------------------

Cincinnati at PHILADELPHIA

Sunday/Monday (December 16-17)--------------

New York Giants at ATLANTA
Green Bay at CHICAGO
Washington at CLEVELAND
Indianapolis at HOUSTON
Jacksonville at MIAMI
Tampa Bay at NEW ORLEANS
Minnesota at ST. LOUIS
Detroit at ARIZONA
Seattle at BUFFALO
Carolina at SAN DIEGO

Pittsburgh at DALLAS (mandatory; must include)

Kansas City at OAKLAND
San Francisco at NEW ENGLAND
New York Jets at TENNESSEE


Week #16 (Christmas weekend - December 22-23):

Saturday (December 22)--------------

Atlanta at DETROIT

Sunday (December 23)-----------------

Oakland at CAROLINA

New Orleans at DALLAS (mandatory; must include)

Tennessee at GREEN BAY
Minnesota at HOUSTON
Indianapolis at KANSAS CITY
Buffalo at MIAMI
San Diego at NEW YORK JETS (flexed from Sunday night)
Washington at PHILADELPHIA
Cincinnati at PITTSBURGH
St. Louis at TAMPA BAY
Cleveland at DENVER
Chicago at ARIZONA
New York Giants at BALTIMORE (flexed to late afternoon)
San Francisco at SEATTLE (flexed to Sunday night)


Week #17 (final weekend; all games on Sunday, December 30):

Sunday (December 30)------------------------

Tampa Bay at ATLANTA
New York Jets at BUFFALO
Baltimore at CINCINNATI
Chicago at DETROIT
Carolina at NEW ORLEANS
Philadelphia at NEW YORK GIANTS
Cleveland at PITTSBURGH
Jacksonville at TENNESSEE

Kansas City at DENVER
Green Bay at MINNESOTA
Oakland at SAN DIEGO
St. Louis at SEATTLE

Dallas at WASHINGTON (mandatory; must include)

Merry Christmas from the hookerhome (I am not a "Season's Greetings" or "Happy Holidays" type)!

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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