Can The Cowboys Make The Playoffs?

ALERT: OK folks, I'm going to be glass is half full here. So forgive me in advanced as I try to convince myself and the handful of people who stumble onto my blog everyday that the Cowboys can pull this off.

To answer this question I think we have to answer another one. Can the Cowboys win the next 4 games? The simple answer is yes. I think winning the final 4 games of the season is doable. However it wont be easy. The final stretch does seem to be in their favor though. The Redskins have a more difficult schedule in that they play a very tough Tampa Bay team as well as well as a surging Colts team. In fact, the other two games - Buffalo and Chicago could be rough as well. The Giants schedule seems on the surface to be about the same difficulty level as the Cowboys however the Giants have lost momentum and the Cowboys seem to have found some at the right time.

Demarco Murray coming in healthy and with fresh legs helps an offense that is inconsistent and can't score in the red zone. The 38 points that Dallas scored against Philly is a testament to that. The Cowboys offence scored 4 touchdowns and two weeks ago those touchdowns were field goals. What a difference a player makes. The Cowboys match up well against their final 4 opponents. I think they will out score the Bengals in an offensive slugfest and I think their offence can handle the Pittsburg defense more so than Pittsburg can handle our defense. New Orleans will be our toughest challenge. Their defense has improved the past month and of course their offense is very potent.

I feel our biggest challenge will be against the run. I think all of these teams will be able to exploit our devastated linebacker crew. I'm hoping that an additional week of practice will help these guy's become more familiar with the defensive schemes and hopefully they will work on fundamentals liketackling.

I think that if the Cowboys can smell a little blood in the water and perhaps see that they have a good shot at this, they can put forth that extra effort that its going to take to get there. I don't have a lot of faith that Jason Garrett will be the main motivator so hopefully the team leaders will vocalize and motivate this team to take care of business and take it to the next level.

Lets face it, we really don't know what we're going to get from our favorite team THE Dallas Cowboys this week or the next. We start slow, JG typically calls a very predictable game, we don't know if our running backs are going to finish the game....Jeez here I go. Ok back to glass is half full. I think Jason Garrett has a creative offensive mind and can craft some really effective plays. He does struggle with play calling throughout the game though but last week against the Eagles I think he did pretty good. He mixed things up well and I think that Romo will give the Cincinnati defense a rough time.

If Demarco Murray's presence and abilities can keep the DLine of the Bengals and Steelers honest I truly think we have a shot. Romo will need to be creative and I think that Garrett will help him by rolling him out of the pocket so he has extra time. Romo shines in this environment. I think this will allow him to push the ball down the field.

I think the two most difficult challenges will be the Bengals who have a good shot at the playoffs and the Saints who can very potent.

I like our chances and at least we have a chance but we'll need help. I don't know the tie breaker scenarios but since we're being glass half full, lets go for the Giants losing at least 2 of their final four and the redskins losing at least one - to the Cowboys!

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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