Cowboy17's Draft Plan

Hello, this is my first post so I assume it will be picked apart, however I have been lurking this site for at least a year so I decided to see how you people like my ideas..

Round 1.

1a. Melvin Ingram - I'm an Auburn fan so I have seen this guy play on several occasions when I didn't want him to succeed. To be blunt I think this guy is the best Football Player in the draft, the weakness in his game is that he tends to be fooled on draws and sweeps, but I think what he brings to the field makes up for it. Like I said before the guy is a football player and I think he could fit in easliy at Spencer's position..

1b. Quinton Coples - This guy is a better athlete than Ingram and a better pass rusher (maybe the best in the draft) and I wouldn't be dissappointed if we ended up with him, particularly because UNC has been putting out some good prospect the last three years. I just don't think he brings as much of the X-factor as Ingram (See Ingram's highlights, you'll see what I mean).

Round 2.

2a. Mark Barron - Best saftey in the class, flexible and a steal at this point. I don't think he will be here but I can wish, can't I? May be willing to trade up to get him..

2b. Stephon Gilmore - Good size, good player. Started as a true freshman at cornerback in the SEC, that's talent.

2c. Alfonzo Dennard - After a poor showing in the senior bowl a lot of people are down on him. But I think that he is better than Prince Amukamara. His hips seemed stiff in the senior bowl but I think he has value at this pick.

Round 3.

3a Billy Winn - could play DE for us I think he could be a decent starter for us..

3b. Josh Chapman - NT from Alabama, played well this year obviously, and Saban prospects are normally top notch.

3c. Ronnie Hillman - decent RB prospect with the athleticism you'd want, only problem is he is unproven against higher end competition.

Round 4.

4a. Chris Rainey - the speedster from Florida, is a threat out of the back field and a dangerous return weapon. Won't be more than a role player but gets DEZ off of return duty and adds depth to a runing back position that gets injured often.

4b. Harrison Smith - S out of ND, I like his mental ability and I think with a solid off season he could be our secondary playcaller allowing Sensabaugh to play FS (which I feel he is better at) .

Round 5.

5a Tank Carder - I think this guy will be a player for us. He isn't the most athletic but he reads the field well. I think he'll be a leading tackler on special teams his first year for whoever drafts him.

5b. Trumaine Johnson - CB Montana, reminds me of AOA, which isn't a good thing but in the 5th round he may be worth the gamble.

round 6..

6a. Kellen Moore - Most people will think this is high for Moore, but I think the most important attribute for being a QB is to be a winner, and you can't dispute that Moore did that.

6b. Omar Bolden - This is one of those Risk/Reward type players, could be an elite corner back, but tore his ACL at the begining of the season so may not get to spend time in camp this year. I think he is a good bet in the 6th round.

round 7.

7a- Bradie Ewing - FB Wisconson, that should be enough, but he is a project but may be a good player.

7b. Case Keenum - He is a winner, I'd like to see him compete for a roster spot.

7c. Garth Gerhart - undersized center who will need to bulk up but has some of the same athleticism as his brother Toby.

F/A pickups.

This depends highly on who we draft but I feel that these guys are all people we should look heavily into.

  • Brandon Carr/ Terrell Thomas we need a CB but not an elite one I prefer Carr but Thomas wouldn't be bad.
  • Ben Grubbs I think he is our best pickup here, we obviously need Oline help, but i feel like Nagy, Arkin and Kowalski showed real promise last year for late round rookies.
  • Jeff Saturday I think he may come cheap and has the type of leadership that Kowalski, Arkin, and Nagy need.
  • Paul Soliai this guy is a need for me I think he will increase Ratliff's productivity and maybe even add some years onto Rat's career.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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