Hail Mary or a 5 Year Plan?

OCC and others have argued well that we Cowboy fans and Jerry Jones should avoid quick fixes, like the trade for Roy Williams. But with $20MM in cap space burning a hole in Jerry's pocket, it's hard not to wonder how many holes the Cowboys could plug this year. And let's face it, how many of us have OCC's patience?

Me, I'm just the kind of sucker who forgets all the Jerry Jones foolishness. Come August, I'll probably allow myself to start day dreaming of one Cowboy victory after another. Demarco Murray will lead the NFL in rushing, I'll think. Nicks will fortify the line. Austen will have a monster season. Dez will be the best receiver in the NFL. Witten . . .

You're right. Ain't gonna happen. The Cowboys have too many question marks. There's not enough pass rush. We've got no lock down corner. Safety is a problem. On and on.

But there's something else. Demarcus Ware will be 30 years old next season. So will Witten, who already looked like he was slowing down. Romo will be 32. Those are the best players the Cowboys have. So a five year plan will come about two years too late for any of them.

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Jerry's stadium isn't getting any newer. Heck, Jerry isn't getting any younger either. Whatever the holes are on this team right now, imagine how big they will be without the best OLB in football? Or what about replacing a Hall of Fame tight-end? Think Romo isn't that great? Imagine a year of Stephen McGee.

So maybe the Cowboys could sign Nicks. Maybe they could find a DE pass rusher in the first round who actually gets ten sacks next year. Maybe they get a solid CB in round two. They somehow resign Robinson and Spencer and some better CB. And Arkin or Costa or Kowalski gets a lot better. And, and and.

You see the problem. For the Cowboys to take big steps next year, everything has to break right. And there's a lot of moving parts. Dez has to improve. Miles has to be a lot more like the guy he was in 2009. Demarco Murray has to be the back we think he'll be. Robinson has to do what he did last year. Carter will have to be next year's Sean Lee, who will have to keep in going.

Plus, just in case no one noticed, Eli Manning and the Giants won the Super Bowl. Again. And the Eagles looked like the best team in football once they got healthy. So it's not like the Cowboys are going to waltz through the East.

So now we're looking at 2013 when Witten and Ware will be 31 and Romo 34.

So you see the dilemma for Jerry Jones.

It almost makes you wonder what kind of draft choices the Cowboys might line up if they traded Witten, Romo, Ware, and even Austen. Maybe it's time to really start over. Load up on draft picks. Work the boards. Take the best player available. Build from the inside out. Find the RKGs.

Hey, maybe we could move up in the draft and get Robert Griffen or Coples or both, and . . .

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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