Salary Restructuring...Have to Earn It!

Today's NFL players, to me, seem unmotivated to play every down of every game. What if they were paid at the end of the year based on their performances during the year? At the end of the season, the player that had the best year at each position should be paid the most money...only seems fair, doesn't it? And the second best should be paid the second most and so on. Of course if you make the post season, and win, you should also be compensated a little more into your salary along with the money the league gives you. Let me give you an example of my plan for QB's along with what some of them would have been paid last year.

Here is a formula that could be used...of course I just made it up and I'm sure you will all have your own tweaks.

Every QB on a team gets a "base" salary of $1,000,000.

Throw for 5,000 yds. $5,000,000

Throw for 4,000 yds. $4,000,000

Throw for 3000 yds. $3,000,000

Anything under 3,000 yds. and you get nothing more.

Completion %

70% $2,000,000

65% $1,500,000

60% $1,000,000

Anything under 60% and you get nothing more.


7 or less $2,000,000

8-12 $1,500,000

Throw more than 12 and you get nothing more.


14-16 $3,000,000

11-13 $2,000,000

8-10 $1,000,000

Anything less than 8 wins and you get nothing more.


$500,000 per win.

Lose in the Postseason and you get nothing more.

Based of the above formula here is what 8 different QB's would have been paid for their 2011 efforts...

Brady $13,000,000

Rogers $11,500,000

Bree's $10,500,000

A. Smith $9,500,000

Romo $9,000,000

Manning $9,000,000

Stafford $8,000,000

Vick $5,000,000

As you can see, this could work because Brady, Rogers, and Bree's still come out on top based on everyone's top 3 in the league right now. I also put Vick in because he was paid about 13,000,000 last season and didn't earn it.

I think you could do something like this for each position. It would definitely give all the players incentive for having a good year and would also reward them if they did.

For injuries, there could be a clause to maybe pay the player his $1,000,000 base salary, plus a % of last years salary depending on what week of the season he is injured. Earlier the injury, bigger the percentage. Although said % not to exceed 70%.

So that's my idea to keep salaries structured properly and maybe see some better competition. You want your money? Make the old fashioned way...Earn It!

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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