Lets Wheel and deal.

The Cowboys need a lot of help. There is no getting around that. Whether that help comes in free agency or not has yet to be seen, but one thing I haven't heard much talk about is us doing a lot of trading come draft time. We all know Jerry likes to wheel and deal and yes, it has failed miserably before, but I think it could be different this year. Not only did Jerry think we were already there in 2009, but he traded back... and back not the other way around. I think it is time we move on from certain players at 14 and see what we can do with trades.

First, I would like to acknowledge the player I feel need to be signed/re-signed. I truly believe that Spencer is better than he has performed, and I think unfortunately the time just isn't right to let him walk. The prospects aren't good enough and neither are the FAs. If he comes at a reasonable price (more than most want to pay him, but still reasonable say 5-7 mil a year) I think we should pay him. I do however also think we should look at Avril.

I also think we need to sign some CBs. While I would prefer Carr I think his age will get him significantly more than Routt who is still fairly young and definitely a major upgrade in the secondary. Either one would be acceptable. The will command $ but we need some help. We can't be cheap.

As for OLs I think I would bring back Holland. I think he performed well after he was resigned, he would come dirt cheap, and let's face it, he was penciled in as the starter before last year anyway. If Arkin/Nagy/kowalski can unseat him, then fine he will be good depth.

Obviously I would re-sign Robinson and Fiametta. I would consider Bennett as well if he came cheap enough. Now on to the draft:

First: trade back to 18(SD) select Peter Konz C/G. Acquire 3rd (79) rounder and 5th (141). While other people may be shouting DeCastro! I will say this, C is a much greater need for us and I also think it is a more important position on the line. Gaining and extra 3rd and 5th is worth missing out on DeCastro IMO. Konz's flexibility is a huge plus also. He could honestly be a day one starter at G as well as C.

Second: Trade back into first to 27(NE) using our 2nd (45) SD's 3rd (79) swapping 4ths (113 to 126) and our 6th (175) select Mark Barron SS. We really need a good safety; I don't have much more to say about it.

Second (if Barron is gone by then): Select Kelechi Osemele. This is another great flexible guy. He could really play G or RT and we have depth problems at T. I actually love this guy. He is a little raw, but he is huge and athletic. I think he could be a day one starter, but would have some growing pains (in a very Tron like fasion, but not quite as good).

Third: Select Jonathan Massaquoi 34OLB. Two troy OLBs both 94... yes please. I like this guy a lot. I'm not sure he will become a Ware, but I think he could end up being better than Spens.

Fourth: Trade up to 104(MIA) using NE's 4th (126) SD's our 5th(144) and our 7th (207) and select Trumaine Johnson, CB. A lot of raw talent and size. This guy could end up being a pretty darn good CB with some seasoning.

Fourth(comp): Select Aaron Henry FS. I like some things about Henry and let's be honest we need a real FS. Barron would be a starting SS and after Sensi is gone (prob 2 years) I think this kid could be pretty good.

5: Select Tank Carder ILB. Depth with some added skill.

I would also like to say even If we do get Barron (losing our 2nd) I would be interested in packaging some of next year's pics to get back into the 2nd and get Osemele and end up with everyone I have posted.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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