All Your 4-3 Base Belong To Us!


The Dallas Cowboys have always been a 4-3. It belongs to us.

We Invented it.

It is as much a part of us as you and me. Before good ol' Bill came in and took a swipe at destroying a legacy we had a pretty good defense under Mike Zimmer, a 4-3 defense at the time.

Coincidentally, those Giants that Big Bill will be forever linked to, have just won their 2nd World Championship in 4 years and guess what base defense they run...? A 4-3 defense. They did it with excellent pressure up front.

Now there has been talk of the Cowboys migrating back to a 4-3 scheme as a base defense.

In my opinion it is long overdue.

Maybe it is because DeMarcus Ware can dominate as a DE or OLB? Maybe because it seems harder an harder to find quality 3-4 scheme players, because the number of NFL teams who run a 3-4 are expanding, and thus, vying for services of FA's and prospects to a greater degree. When the Cowboys made the switch to a 3-4 there were a handful of teams exclusively running it. Maybe it is because Jay Ratliff would be a dominant 4-3 DT, with Lissemore, Hatcher and Spears manning the other DT position internally...Maybe its because Anthony Spencer is actually a 4-3 DE...?

Whatever the case may be, it is time to move back to our heritage.

I would highly consider drafting Luke Kuechly with the 14th pick. Signing a CB such as Terrell Thomas and drafting a CB in the 3rd round such as Casey Hayward. If we could go into the Season with Kuechly/Lee/Carter as our LB core, we would, in my opinion have top 5 LB core for a 7-8 years.

If we inserted Ware in our DL we could have a top 5 DL in the NFL. Ware/Hatcher/Ratliff/Spencer. With Lissemore and Spears to rotate at DT. Two Pro Bowl players would head that unit. In this scenario I could see Spencer staying.


There is an image of Glamour with the 3-4. For whatever reason it has not stuck here. We have never had the true personnel to run it effectively. It has always looked like a square peg fit into a round hole.

Some think we are getting close to a true 3-4 Front 7, minus a DT and OLB. I can understand the thinking.But in a 4-3, I honestly believe we have less holes to fill, and will produce more effectively than years past.

Obviously Rex Ryan loves to change fronts throughout a game. But the 4-3 is who we are, and I think it really is who we should be.

All of this depends if you can get the LB's, and there should be a quality one sitting there when we pick at #14.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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