Why the Cowboys Will Forever be "America's Team"?


So in the comments of an article written by the master fanshot expert thebigham "America's Game, America's Team. 70's edition" (read it right now click on thebigham's name) there arose a discussion between myself and some of the other members of the BtB community. I think it is a good enough topic of discussion to try and bring to its own Fanpost (not a fanshot! haha). Truth be told by no means do I think I'm clearly right about this even though I will use as much logic as I possibly can to try and prove my point and sway anyone I can to my side. FiT&T said:

Jerry keeps this up long enough and they won’t be America’s Team any more.

I replied that nothing can change who America's Team is and later on Seanrude (who I respect greatly) mentioned examples of Raider Nation and the Dolphins. Good points by both but here is where I'll argue why we will always be America's Team after the jump.

Tom hope you don't care I'm using the same pic you used.

In no particular order here are the main reason's that I could come up with; love/hate, name, colors/uniform, cheerleaders, spending money, coaches/QBs, super stars, exposure and a winning tradition.

  • love/hate:

One of the first things I found on google for the hate side is this article in Business Insider for heaven's sakes! The love part is well documented. Most merchandise, largest fan base, highest ratings, etc.

  • name:

There are few names in sports at all that could be more American than Cowboy. And a team from Texas? Quick story, I lived in Europe for a few years and no joke about half the time when I told people I was from USA they asked A if I was from Texas? and B if I was a Cowboy?

  • colors/uniform:

When you are a little kid you like things for dumb reasons. A lot of the time even though you initially started liking something for a silly reason like the color or the classy uniforms it sticks. I know more than a few people who first starting liking the Cowboys because of the Star on the helmet being easy to draw, or because Blue and Silver were their favorite colors.

  • cheerleaders:

Oh the famous Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders. If not for our franchise most teams would not have cheerleaders, at least not professionals. The teams used to use local high school cheer squads and some college cheerleaders. If you're a guy chances are someone has asked if you are a Cowboys fan because of the cheerleaders. For more proof please read Tom Ryle's wonderful piece here.

  • spending money:

Part of the reason so many fans hate us is because they are jealous. They stupidly think we just buy our championships/players. I suppose they have never heard of the salary cap? We do always spend near the cap limit and have always tried to pay to get the best coaching staff possible. Our stadium was the first billion dollar stadium in the NFL. Look how much we paid JG as an assistant to keep him.

  • coaches/QBs:

Landry and Staubach, Jimmy and Aikman, and now Jason and Romo. There are not many if any franchises that can compare with that. I realize the last pair hasn't won SBs yet but they could very well do so. How many people wanted to be just like Roger Staubach? Aikman was always so cool. Who can't appreciate Romo playing with broken ribs and a punctured lung?

  • super stars:

TO, Prime Time, Too Tall, The Senator, Haley, Peterson, Smith, Irvin, Lilly, Allen, Dorsett, Ware, Harris, White (times 2), Romo, Dez, etc. Is there another team that has had so many superstars? We love us some flashy players. Every star shines brighter when donning the star.

  • exposure:

I don't think anyone can argue that there is a team with a bigger spotlight on them then the Dallas Cowboys. I believe that the majority of the hate we receive is because of the exposure. The talking heads love to discuss the Cowboys. The networks love the ratings boost showing the Cowboys provides. There is an assistant basketball coach for the Memphis Grizzles Gordon Chiesa who always says, [referring to prime time attention]"you either get exposure or you get exposed"

  • winning tradition:

How many years have we been the Super Bowl favorites before the season starts? Our goal is not to just make the playoffs. We don't usually put up with pretty good. Example if Danny White would have played anywhere else he would be one of the most beloved QBs but because he "couldn't win the big one" he is an afterthought here. The Cowboys are winners, even in this last decade being one of the worst in our history it is still better than a lot of teams and probably most teams worst decade.

If you can think of any other reasons that need to be added please let us all know. If you don't believe this is true please enlighten me at least. I think I've shown several reasons why we are America's Team and they don't all have to do directly with winning. That is part of it for sure but not the whole reason.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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