A reason to trade down

There has been a lot of debate about whether trading down is a good idea or not. I'm in the group that thinks the Cowboys should trade down if certain players are off the board. I'm not saying trade back into the late 20's, but trade back as far as say the 21st pick....if we're able to trade back at all. I think the guys you can get as far back as that have a similar value as the guys that may be available at 14.

For example, let's say Dallas is on the clock and our worst case scenario has happened...Coples, Kirkpatrick and DeCastro are off the board. Here's the list of players selected so far.

  1. IND - Luck
  2. WAS - RGIII
  3. MIN - Kalil
  4. CLE - Blackmon
  5. TB - Claiborne
  6. STL - Reiff
  7. JAC - Coples
  8. MIA - Ingram
  9. CAR - Kirkpatrick
  10. BUF - Perry
  11. KC - DeCastro
  12. SEA - Brockers
  13. ARI - Martin

With Trent Richardson on the board, the Bengals come calling. The offer: the 21st pick along with their 3rd and 4th. The compensation seems a light for moving down 7 spots, but it's their only offer. Do you take it? I would. I'm not thrilled with any of the prospects left as the 14th overall selection, but there are several I'd be OK with at the 21st pick. I'd walk away from the first round feeling good about any of the following:

  • Poe
  • Still
  • Konz
  • Glenn
  • Barron
  • Upshaw
  • Jenkins

Walking away with any of those guys to go along with an additional 3rd and 4th rounder looks a lot better to me that taking a chance on Jenkins with the 14th overall pick and having the uncertainty of how he'll do when he gets a big check in his hand. It's possible he'd still be on the board when we're on the clock at 21, and if he's the only one out of those seven, I'd take him, but I have the players listed in my order of preference. The draft is just too rich in CB talent to take Jenkins in my opinion. I'd rather not take any player with a risky background in the first. Save the risks for the mid to late rounds where someone with a lot of talent may fall because then it doesn't hurt as much if (when) you have to cut them loose.

So looking at the players that could still be had at 21, what would you do? Do you take their deal or hold firm at 14. I don't think either decision is "wrong", but just wanted to see what everyone thinks they'd do.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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