Why not the Texas Two?

I've been wrestling with this...all fans have been wrestling with it. The helpless feeling inside, that lack of confidence that comes from little or ineffective pass rush, and watching Eli Manning (as well as other QB's) drop back, and have ample time to scope out the field, and pick and choose what recievers they want to throw the ball to. It's sickening, and so much so, that you get that stomach turn so often, that it has become constant indegestion. There has to be a cure. There just has to be....

Demarcus Ware is a great talent. But as so many have said before, he can't do it alone. That is why I want Ratliff moved from NT- so that he can, from DE, rush the passer and see more one-on-ones. The NT, in the 3-4, sees double teams often. Many have witnessd Ratliffs burnout at the end of seasons. Why not revitalize him? Put him at DE, and tell him "go after the QB", and forget about Mario Williams. It makes more dollars and sense to go after a big burly NT in the draft, possibly the second round. But this fanpost of mine I did not write for the reason of pass rush, or defensive line. This Ware/Ratliff thing is just my observation and opinion, and I could be wrong.

This fanpost has to do with the other aspect that affects the passing game our opponents enjoy- our defensive backfield. It's no secret that we need help there, possibly more than even Oline. But even if we drafted a CB, and a safety, they will need time. Niether of them will be able to come in and be what we need them to be yesterday. So I have decided to hope that the Cowboys (notice "hope", because it's all we fans have, because we do not know what the brass will do) adress CB and safety in free agency. And after alot of thought as to who we should pursue in free agency, I finally had something happen the other day that made me come to conclusion as to what we should shop for (at least my opinion).

Here in NY,I work with 3 Giants fans, and I get constant comments and remarks about the Giants, and they're dominance over the Cowboys. It's justified, but I look at it as the "Cowboys" screwed up by not making good player decisions over the years, both in the draft, and in free agency. "It's time for this to change" I said to myself, especially after another Giants super bowl trophy hoisting.

The other day, I made a remark that got under the skin of my fellow workers. I asked them a question while we all were working. I asked them, point blank,..."boy, how are the Giants gonna keep all of they're CB's? seems like 3 of them are free agents? I hope the Cowboys go after Aaron Ross at least." I said. Then one of them spoke up and said these prophetic words....

"You just forget about Aaron Ross, okay?"

I started laughing, of course, but since those comments at work, I can't stop thinking about getting him in free agency. "I have to write a fanpost about thyis, and see how other Cowboy fans think, bec ause I already know what Giants fans think about it", I said to myself, and thus I came to this conclusion and fanpost. it may not be possible, some may not like it, but I think it's smart, especially if you combine that in free agency with the acquisition of Micheal Griffen from the Titans at safety.

Now, don't get me wrong, I like Elam. He, to me, would be a great backup safety, but Micheal Griffen, and Aaron Ross? The Texas Two? I would like that for our secondary. Then we can possibly get DeCastro in the first, an OLB or NT in the second, and maybe not retain Spencer? Or just plain go with BPA in the draft?

Maybe this does not make sense. But more than anything, we need some experience in the defensive backfield, and people who can come in, fit, and give the team hope and spirit to build a good team ethic, chemistry, and that much needed boost to the teams ego that is lacking, and affecting, confidence. Aaron Ross and Micheal Griffen already have experience together, so this can have a positive affect on the whole defense.

So, out of curiousity, what say you to the Texas Two? Yea or Nay?

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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