Looking back 10 years

Every year I like to look back at the draft from 10 years ago. For this I will be looking at the 2002 draft.

Coming off of a 5-11 season the Cowboys owned the 6th overall pick. They would eventually trade that pick to Kansas City for their 1st (8th) and 3rd (75th) and a 2003 6th round pick. The 6th round pick in 2003 would turn into 186th overall and end up being Zuriel Smith, WR, Hampton.

1st round (8th). Roy Williams, S, Oklahoma. Williams was a solid player for Dallas. He earned starting time as a rookie and stayed with the team through the 2008 season, making 110 starts. He was voted to 5 straight Pro Bowls from 2003 to 2007 and was a First Team All-Pro in 2003. His lack of coverage ability spelled his doom however. He was released by Dallas after and injury filled 2008 season and signed with Cincinnati where he played 2 seasons. Has been out of football since 2010 season.

Stats with Dallas: 7 seasons, 110 starts, 417 tackles, 19 INT's, 9 FF's, and 8 FR's.

2nd round (37th overall). Andre Gurode, C, Colorado. Gurode was another hit pick for Dallas. He would alternate starts at guard and center his first 4 seasons before becoming a Pro Bowl center his last 5 seasons with Dallas. Known as a powerful blocker but not the most intelligent center Gurode made 5 straight Pro Bowls from 2006 to 2010. Released by Dallas following the 2010 season he signed with Baltimore where he made 5 starts at guard in 2011.

Stats with Dallas: 9 seasons, 122 starts, 5 Pro Bowls

2nd round (63rd overall). Antonio Bryant, WR, Pitt. Bryant spent just 2+ seasons in Dallas before Parcells simply couldn't take his attitude anymore. He was traded during the 2004 season to the Browns for WR Quincy Morgan. Went on to a somewhat successful career with stops in San Francisco and Tampa Bay. Played his last season with Tampa Bay in 2009.

Stats with Dallas: 2+ seasons, 99 receptions, 1,549 yards, 8 TD's.

3rd round (75th overall). Derek Ross, CB, Ohio St. Ross was a very disappointing player. He had a very good rookie season making 9 starts and appearing in 14 games and making 5 INT's. He looked to have a bright future with Dallas but couldn't stay off the drugs. Ross should be a cautionary tale for anyone who looks at players who have a past history of drug use. The Cowboys released Ross during the 2003 season. He finished the season in Atlanta and played 2004 in Minnesota. In August 2006 Ross was sentenced to 4 years in prison for drug trafficking.

Stats with Dallas: 1+ seasons, 53 tackles, 6 INT's

4th round (129th overall) Jamar Martin, FB, Ohio St. A complete waste of a pick, Martin would miss all of his rookie season and only make 1 start in 2003. He spent 2004 in Miami and 2006 with the Jets.

Stats with Dallas: 2 seasons, 1 start

5th round (168th overall). Pete Hunter, CB, Virginia Union. Hunter came in as the small school project who could turn into a late round find. Unfortunately he never realized his potential. Hunter managed to hang around in Dallas through the 2004 season. He spent 2005 in Cleveland and 2006 in Seattle.

Stats with Dallas: 3 seasons, 6 starts, 43 tackles, 3 INT's

6th round (179th overall). Tyson Walter, C, Ohio St. For a 6th round pick Walter wasn't awful. He stayed with Dallas for 3 seasons before spending 2006 between Green Bay and Washington.

Stats with Dallas: 3 seasons, 9 starts

6th round (208th overall). DeVeren Johnson, WR, Sacred Heart. Johnson hung around through the 2003 season, but was rarely on the active roster. He was arrested in 2002 and fined. Never able to crack to roster.

Stats with Dallas: None

6th round (211th overall). Bob Slowikowski, TE, Virginia Tech. Don't remember much about the guy and can't find much. All I remember is that he suffered a season ending knee injury his rookie season.

The 2002 draft brought some solid players to Dallas in Williams and Gurode. It also produced many players who never did anything. It was however a much better draft than the previous 2 which yielded almost nothing.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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