Position Outlook: Pre-Free Agency Mock Draft

HI everyone. As I noted in my Last post, I will using my Position Outlook series as a basis for a series of Mock Drafts based on how I profiled the Cowboys roster. Okay so I said that it was the "second to last post". To be Fair though, I was only intending to post one of these. That I changed. Please note that I will not be making any changes prior to Free agency to the position posts, but I will update them in the mock draft. Basically what I am saying is that IF Dallas makes any moves that would increase/decrease any rankings I will be notating them in this "series".

For this Series of posts I will be using the Draftek Online Draft Simulator as my method of mocking. Bear in mind that this is based on Drafttek's Big Board and may not be how you rank the prospects. I will of course offer up to three different Mocks in each posts, one standard mock, which will be the Drafttek settings, the outlook mock, which wil be using Draftteks big board + my position outlook setting, and finally My BPA mock, in which I will possibly grab a player that I think would be a better pick.

Now How many posts will there be? Well I will obviously have this one which is right after the Combine concludes but before FA. I plan to do two more, one mid way from the start of FA(March 13th) till the draft(April 26th), and one shortly before the draft(hopefully about a week prior. this is of course subject to change, and will Replace my "How Will They Fit" series. Sorry to all those that wanted me to do those. I will say that this series will incorporate the Combine and Pro Day Information that was the basis of that series, and may include other Elements.

So to the Mocks: As Noted I will be Doing Three Mocks here, so here is the "Drafttek" mock:


1 14 Dre Kirkpatrick CB

2 45 Bobby Massie OT

3 82 Kendall Reyes DE34

4 113 Josh Robinson CB

5 144 Tank Carder ILB

6 175 David Paulson TE

7 206 Lance Lewis WRF

In this Mock Dallas Fills several needs, Swing OT, Backup ILB, BAckup TE, They Double down on CB, and get an extra WR....all in all a good solid draft. I have linked each player to their respective "Draft profile" at, so that you can get a look at their combine/draft profiles. Now of Course not all of these players participated in the Combine, however The site does go into detail about each player. While I like this Draft I feel that there are issues:

2nd round is too high to be taking a swing OT, as you are drafting a backup that shouldn't see much action during his rookie Contract....with Tyron and Free manning the OT positions, you aren't going to see much value unless(knock on wood) Free or Tron go down to injury....

Also Robinson had a great Combine, and solidified himself as a solid 3rd rounder, meaning that he likely won't be available in the fourth.

Carder is an intersesting Prospect in the 5th though, however with the drug scandal surrounding TCU, it is highley unlikely Dallas takes him, though his Combine #'s are pretty good.

Last thing why Lewis in the 7th? Dallas has two #1 quality WR's in Austin and Bryant plus has Dwayne Harris, Raymond Radway, Andre Holmes and Teddy Williams that could all easily fill the 3rd-6th WR spots, even if we don't bring back Robinson(which could happen)

With that in mind, here is My Mock using the Position Outlook Series as a base.

Round- Pick- Player

1 14 Luke Kuechly ILB

2 45 Chase Minnifield CB

3 82 Casey Hayward CB

4 113 Michael Egnew TE

5 144 Jeff Allen OT

6 175 Ryan Van Bergen DE34

7 205 Chigbo Anunoby DT34

As you Guys are well aware of, I have been pushing Kuechly for a while now, so seeing him at 14 warms my heart. But to be clear in this mock, he is BPA(other than Richardson), with Decastro going 11th(KC), Kirkpatrick going 4th(Tampa) and Coples and Ingram going 8th(Miami) and 12th(Seattle). If this were to Happen I would love to See Kuechly wearing the Star, as it makes the LB core much more versatile. I do have a few concerns with this Mock However:

Minnifield in the Second is a HUGE Reach now. His Combine really hurt him, as the only "test" he did was the bench and he only put up 7 reps....for a player that was supposed to be one of the best "press corners" in the draft that is horrible. Unless he drastically improves on that in his Proday, he is a third rounder right now, so I would rather flip him and Hayward...

Hayward did very well in all the tests except the 40, where is 4.5 40 was to say, unimpressive. However he made it up in the Cone drills running an Elite 3.90 SS and a 6.76 3-cone with a good Vertical of 34".....IF he can improve his 40 time to a sub 4.5, he would be an easy pick at 45.....

The rest of the draft is exceptional, getting a Swing OT in the 5th round, and a Bennett replacement in the 4th both Ryan Van Bergen and Chigbo Anunby both help as rotational DE/DT's

Now I will not be Doing the Third Mock, as the Second one is is already a BPA style Mock and other than the corner swap, I feel that it is a very good one.

SO on to the poll:

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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