No Respect

Hey, it's been awhile since I've posted been working my butt off, and haven't had too much time to post. But I really felt the need to step up and defend our Quarterback, Tony Romo.

I guess the majority of the public think Tim Tebow is a better QB and more deserving of a award that is centered around your toughness, and unwillingness to quit. I am sorry, throwing a couple lucky passes, and running for a TD is not as impressive or hardcore as playing through a broken rib and leading your team back from a ten point deficit on the road, and tossing a bomb to a reality show WR despite the pain. The one thing that Tony deserved this year, whether it's an empty award or not, was the GMC Never Say Never moment of the year. And he couldn't even get that. Tebow had a huge hand from his stout D, and his excellent kicker in Matt Praeter who kicked the field goals to win half of Tebow's miraculous comebacks. No one in their right mind should even consider Tebow's slow release, and awkward mechanics as qualities of a great or even decent NFL quarterback. His attitude and respect for the game on the other hand I admire. But his QB option schtick won't last past this year. But everyday I keep back this burning desire to slap the white out of his teeth. Never has such a lame QB gotten this much hype. I mean no. 19 on the the NFL all pro team? Really? I can name many QBs who are miles better than holy one, and one of them happens to be Tony Romo. But now that Tebow has a playoff record 1-1 he gets showered with praise. It seems the epic beatdown that the Pats put on the Broncos is an afterthought. Tim Tebow is the future of the NFL. Did Roger Goodell steal a time machine and create a paradox?

Romo gets all the abuse, and most of the blame for every loss this team has had during his tenure. Phillip Rivers has choked in the big stage numerous times and gets a pass almost all of the time. Romo's failures aren't nearly as bad as PR's in my opinion. I don't buy this I made to the AFC championship at least BS. If you make it to the title game two years in a row, and lose, you failed. (Pay attention Dirty Sanchez fans..) I firmly believe if Tony got to the NFC title game he'd bring his A game only to have his defense or coaching screw him over yet again. This man is a warrior. He plays tough, and he brings it. This accepted mentality of him "choking" when it counts is a fallacy. He leads all quarterbacks in fourth quarter passer rating(Yes even the "Unstoppable" Eli Manning and his citizen echo watch..) He ended this season with a ludicrous 102.2 passer rating for the season, He passed for over 4000 yards with 31 TDs, and 10 Ints, and he lead his team to come from behind victories 4 times this season. If anything his team chokes more often than he does. He always gives the team a puncher's chance to win on sundays. And another thing, Stats do matter. If your QB has crappy stats your team's chances of winning aren't too high. Unless you're Tim Tebow..ARGHHHH! God help me, I hate your creation..Tebow's success has just screwed up an age old status quo for NFL QBs if you put up great stats you've got what it takes to win in the playoffs and beyond. Having a top 10 defense to cover up your QB's warts helps a lot too.(I.E. Alex Smith) and yes the Cam Newton's of the NFL world are fun to watch, but did you see his performance in the Pro Bowl?(Ugly is putting it lightly.) As long as Romo continues playing at a high level, our chances of competing for Super Bowl are much greater. So keep padding those stats Mr. Romo.

The biggest pain in my bum is that Romo gets absolutely no respect for the numerous times he has put his body on the line his team. How he single handedly kept this mediocre team in contention for at least a playoff berth nearly every year he's been under center. How he put together his best season behind an offensive line with some serious growing pains, gimpy wide receivers, a carousel of running backs, a defense that implodes when it counts the most, and despite all of that he took the team on his back willed this team to an 8-8 record. Sure, he made a few mistakes, but after that debacle against Detroit(Why no blame on the offensive line's inability to tackle, and L-Ron's faulty route running? Or the Defense folding?) he played the best football I have ever seen him play. And what's really sad is that all of that effort, the blood, the sweat, and the pain that he and only a handful of others(I.E. Sean Lee, D-Ware, Jay Ratliff, Mike Jenkins) played through was all for naught. A playoff berth literally got lost in the lights.

While QBs like Tebow have a solid Defense, and excellent special teams winning most of their battles for them, and they get all the credit. It's like the complete opposite of the spectrum. Tebow gets the glory. Romo get to kiss the goat. I mean even when he lead his team to their first playoff win in 13 years back in 2009, he didn't get all of the love that Timmy is getting after knocking off a beaten down Steelers team in OT. In fact most people seem to have just forgotten that Romo has even won a playoff game.

Tony has done all he can. He's been playing like a top 10 QB every year he's been a starter, making a subpar offensive line look like it's pro bowl worthy, turning other team's trash(Laurent Robinson) into treasure, catching multiple errant snaps from a high school center, and playing the part of both houdini and coach at the same time. How many more rabbits does he have to pull out of his hat to impress the NFL and it's fans? Whether you like him or not, he is a very special talent. Not very many QBs can make the throws that he makes look easy week after week. I think he's done more than enough to earn the respect of his peers. So what if he fumbled away a snap a few years ago(A snap he shouldn't have been holding in the first place...I still think BP's conservative gameplan lost that game..) and had a man named Crayton drop a walk in TD, or an offensive line made out of swiss cheese. He's one of the best Quarterbacks in the league right now, and he's getting the pass for mid tier talent like Matt Ryan, Joe Flacco, and Matthew Stafford. I mean it's gotten so bad lately, that even professional draft scouts are picking Ryan Tannehil over him already.

I am tired of preaching to the choir, and seeing games where Romo plays lights out only for his defense, or coaching to let him down. It gets to the point now that sometimes I think he would be better off on another team. I haven't seen a fanbase diss a QB as badly as we do. Every year it's "We can't win with Romo", along with the chants of "Blame Jerry." We should get on our knees and thank god everyday that we have Tony as our field general and not Jimmy Clausen. If Tony was on the Ravens on the Jets the past few years he would have already have a ring or two on his finger. It's an impossible and fruitless task to ask the doubters and haters to give the man credit where credit is due, but I hope I can at least see the front office make some moves and prevent the next set of toe tags to be labeled T.Romo.

So show some respect Mr. Jones and give Romo a reason to stop running for his life. At least give him a decent chance to get King Kong off his back. Get a real center in FA, and a top G. And if you still got some money left over get Cliff Avril or Paul Solai to bring some pass rush in to cover up that glaring hole in the secondary. As for the draft pick up problem child Janorius Jenkins or blue chipper David DeCastro, and hope to find some talent in the later rounds. No need for big trades on draft day. If this team wants to get back on the saddle it needs to stop spending money on tinker toys and buy an erector set. And if we can do that we might get teams to start respecting us, instead of looking at us as pretty boys playing in a giant sandbox with a superstar QB from Cabo.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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