IceBone's Free Agency/ Draft Mockery


We are approximately 1 month away from the Official start to the 2012 NFL Season, and I for one cannot wait any longer. Cowboy fans had the distinct pleasure in watching The New York Giants be crowned World Champions last night, and though it hurts I must say Congratulations to them for representing the NFC East and bringing a 12th Superbowl to our division. You heard it here 12 Lombardi Trophies for the NFC East. I had to do a little bit of research after the game and I take a lot of pride in knowing The East is the best and still produces in my opinion the most competitive teams. For those of you who care this is what I was able to find:

Division Superbowl Victories

NFC North

5 (GB-4, CHI-1)

NFC South

2 (NO-1, TB-1)

NFC East

12 (DAL-5, NYG-4, WAS-3)

NFC West

6 (SF-5, STL-1)

AFC North

7 (PIT-6, BAL-1)

AFC South

2 (IND-2 [1 as Baltimore Colts])

AFC East

6 (NE-3, MIA-2, NYJ-1)

AFC West

6 (OAK-3, DEN-2, KC-1)

Although that is impressive, I and all of you want a 6th Lombardi for our Dallas Cowboys and to get there we are going to need to make very good choices in the next few months leading up to OTA's, Mini-Camps, and Training Camp. Lately everyone who is anyone has been playing General Manager of America's Team and has been making his or her Free Agency and Draft wish lists. I figured if I'm going to be the contributor I want to be; I need to start joining the rest of our vast list of bloggers and play Jerry and Co. and give my list of what we can do to improve and become real contenders.

First and foremost, I believe I should lay down some ground rules. Now I know like most of you that The Dallas Cowboys will have some money to play with come March, in fact it's more than we have had to play with in a while. Also Jerry and Stephen Jones have made it clear that they will use it to improve this team. I can't get into specifics about money and what it will cost to sign certain Free Agency Juggernauts because I'm not to familiar with Contracts and things of that nature. So that being said I'm going to be what I believe to be realistic in my acquisitions and picks.

Simply put our Cowboys cannot be (2-4) in our division next year and expect any difference in the ending results. We have to be smart but aggressive because we have to become more competitive in our division. That being said we must get better in the trenches, I feel like I'm saying what is already known but the trenches are where games are won and lost. The strategies that I'm going to be using are glaring needs first and work my way down from there. Again, I am being relatively aggressive but I'm still trying to be realistic. If you are looking to see Carl Nicks and Mario Williams both signed then this post isn't for you, which just seems highly unlikely to happen.

Let's start with Free Agency. I took into account the recent words spoken by Jason Garrett in which he believes that Free Agency is important for this team so they can get to the ultimate goal, and not have to be drafting needs allowing for more BPA options. In my opinion we can afford to make 1 Big Splash, and a few Medium splashes and that's what I intend to do here with my list. Ice Bones Free Agency Acquisition Table is as Follows:




Former Team

Need Addressed

* Carl Nicks



New Orleans Saints

Interior O-Line

Anthony Spencer



Dallas Cowboys

DL/Pass Rush

Laurent Robinson



Dallas Cowboys

WR Depth

* Paul Soliai



Miami Dolphins

DL/Pass Rush

Tony Fiammetta



Dallas Cowboys

Run Blocking

Terrell Thomas



New York Giants


*Sizeable Splash

Now I know that getting Soliai and Nicks is a stretch but I think it can be done and if this or anything similar to this list becomes reality I would be pleased and excited about the Draft even more. This would also give Rob Ryan the chance to test Ratliff at Defensive End. I also understand that many of you believe Spencer is a bust, and I agree to an extent; However I see him getting the Franchise Tag and maybe that can light a fire under him if not he has a 1 year deal and we can look elsewhere, but other than Mario Williams, "Almost Anthony" seems to be the best bet, and possibly cheaper than most people think. The above list features key pick-ups for the Cowboys, there are some of our own that I see getting resigned. Those names include: Martellus Bennett, Matt McBriar (as long as his surgery goes well), Abe Elam (only if they can't get a cheaper valuable option), and either or between Dockery, Kosier, and Holland.

Now before I move on to the Draft, I think that my analysis and acquisition picking is realistic, but I could be completely wrong. This is just what I see as a best-case scenario, because Nicks, Soliai, and Robinson will be getting a payday. The Terrell Thomas pick may make you guys not find merit in this list, but let me explain. I just don't see the Cowboys being able to sign a Cortland Finnegan if Nicks and Soliai get contracts in Big D. I think Thomas is a viable veteran option if the Giants can't get him resigned and think he could fit well in Rob Ryan's scheme. I may get destroyed in the comments section but on to the Draft.

I heard a rumor that we may have another 4th round pick on our hands, so I am going to assume we do and use it. Here goes nothing, I hope I'm not grilled and killed. I think I have a wishful thinking approach to the Draft.




Needs Addressed


David DeCastro

OG Stanford

Interior O-Line


Janoris Jenkins

CB N. Alabama



Markelle Martin

S Oklahoma State



Kheeston Randall

DE Texas

D-Line/Pass Rush


Tank Carder

ILB Texas Christian

LB Depth


Nicholas Jean-Baptiste

DT Baylor

D-Line/Pass Rush


Jaymes Brooks

OG Virginia Tech

Interior O-Line


B.J. Coleman

QB Chattanooga

QB Depth

There you have it, I may be losing my mind, but it took me a while to create this, in some cases it might be crazy to think Martin will be available in the 3rd, or Carder in the 4th, but it can happen. This is Ice Bone's list, and I hope you have enjoyed it or if you hated it the comments section is below, feel free to hate on me.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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