Dominant Offense Vs Dominant Defense: Whats better?

I have been in many discussions in the past about this very topic and have recently overheard some of my co-workers arguing about the very same topic that everyone seems to have such different opinions about. The topic of this discussion is what would you rather have on your team? A dominant offense or a dominant defense?

Now after sitting back in my chair on break completely eavesdropping on my co-workers heated argument on which one they would rather have I find it the least bit surprising who chose which side. On the one hand you have a an old school Steelers fan preaching Defense, Defense, Defense "How many super bowls have the Steelers won because of their dominant defense?" His answer.... "more than any other team in the NFL". On the other side of the argument you have a much younger fan of the game who happens to be a Bengals fan preaching that Offense is now the name of the game. He insists that the a new era of the NFL has slowly formed with the major boom in offensive statistics and the emergence of offensive juggernauts bursting into the scenes these last few years. Both have valid points when they look over to the only Cowboy fan in the Maryland area and ask what would you rather have? I simply pull a Switzerland and explain that I would prefer to have a dominant defense with a top 10 quality quarterback on my team to consistently take me to the playoffs and possibly a super bowl with this kind of formula. While I understand this answer was far from what they were looking for they quickly cast me aside as someone who doesn't know what they are talking about because I am crazy enough to be a Cowboy fan in this region and went back to their never-ending debate.

After researching the matter a little further from The past decade of super bowl opponents and winners I came up with the following:

2012: Giants vs. Patriots. Winner: Giants

2011: Packers vs. Steelers. Winner: Packers

2010: Saints vs. Colts. Winner: Saints

2009: Steelers vs. Cardinals. Winner: Steelers

2008: Giants vs. Patriots. Winner: Giants

2007: Colts vs. Bears. Winner: Colts

2006: Steelers vs. Seahawks. Winner: Steelers

2005: Patriots vs. Eagles. Winner: Patriots

2004: Patriots vs. Panthers. Winner: Patriots

2003: Buccaneers vs. Raiders. Winner: Buccaneers

2002: Patriots vs. Rams. Winner: Patriots

If I had to break down each super bowl team for what they were "classified " as in terms of an offensive or defensive powerhouse I would come to the following conclusion....

Super Bowl winning teams known for offense: 2011, 2010, 2007, 2005, & 2004

Super Bowl winning teams known for offense: 2012, 2009, 2008, 2006, 2003, & 2002 (I classified the 2002 Pats as defensive then because this was a defensive team initially that Tom Brady emerged from)

As and added note if you look at the Super Bowl losers each year, about 7 of the teams listed above had stronger offenses than defenses.

While I do know this is a team game and I won't even get into my personal formula in this particular debate but after looking over the past decade of super bowls it is a close one. If you had to choose one what would you choose?

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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