Cowboys Super Bowl teams have always had multiple Pro Bowl offensive linemen

In my recent post: Have the Cowboys filled their priority needs yet? I try to make it clear how important the offensive line is to the success of the Dallas Cowboys. In response, a commenter said that you don't need a line of all Pro Bowlers to succeed. So that got me researching, and what I discovered is that EVERY Dallas Cowboys team that has played in the Super Bowl has had an offensive line with multiple -- even a majority -- of its members with Pro Bowl pedigree. 4 of our 8 SB teams have had 5 Pro Bowlers, 2 have had 4 Pro Bowlers, and 2 have had 3 Pro Bowlers. Indeed, only 4 of the 16 O linemen on our 8 Super Bowl teams never made the Pro Bowl. I decided this was useful enough research to make it its own post. Details below.

Cowboys need to realize that their #1 priority should be to build a Pro Bowl offensive line.

Look at all the Super Bowl Cowboys teams. Every one of them had exceptional offensive line play.

1995, Tuinei, Newton, Donaldson, Allen, Williams
1993, Tuinei, Newton, Stepnoski, Gogan, Williams
1992, Tuinei, Newton, Stepnoski, Gesek, Williams
1978 Donovan, Scott, Fitzgerald, Rafferty, Wright
1977 Neely, Scott, Fitzgerald, Rafferty, Donovan
1975 Neely, Lawless/Scott, Fitzgerald, Nye, Wright
1971 Neely, Niland, Manders, Nye, Wright
1970 Neely, Niland, Manders, Nye, Wright

Here’s the list. Look at the Pro Bowl appearances.
Tuinei – PB 94-95
Newton – PB 92-96, 98
Donaldson – PB 86-89, 95-96
Allen – PB 95-06
Williams – PB 93, 96, 97, 99
Stepnoski – PB 92-96
Gogan – PB 94, 97. 98
Gesek – none
Donovan – PB 79-82
Scott – PB 79-81
Fitzgerald – none
Rafferty – none
Wright – PB 71-76
Neely – PB 67, 69
Nye – PB 74, 76
Niland – PB 68-73
Manders – PB 66
Lawless – none, but only split time in 75

Only 4 of the 18 offensive linemen who started the majority of the games for the Cowboys during their 8 appearances in the Super Bowl never made the Pro Bowl. Which means that most Cowboys Super Bowl teams had multiple Pro Bowlers.

1995 — all 5 starters made multiple Pro Bowls
1993 — 5 of 5
1992 — 4 of 5 John Gesek never made the Pro Bowl
1978 – 3 of 5
1977 – 3 of 5
1975 – 4 of 5
1971 – 5 of 5
1970 – 5 of 5

I think this makes my point pretty emphatically. Indeed, I think I’m going to turn this into its own fanpost.

I would add that the last Cowboys offensive line that was strong was in 2007, when we went 13-3 with Flozell, Kosier, Gurode, Davis, and Colombo. Guess what? 3 of those 5 guys made the Pro Bowl. Flozell 5 times, Gurode 5 times, Davis 3 times.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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