Youth movement on O line or . . .

... a change in offensive philosophy?

I think the Boys' recent acquisitions along the offensive line weren't just for the purposes of getting younger. This comes from looking at the strong points the guys acquired - both above average run blockers. And, whenever you are having O line troubles, the easiest technique to teach (and master) is run blocking. Someone among the Arkin, Nagy, Costa and Kowalski group will probably play significant minutes this season. With a new O line and offensive coordinator Bill Callahan, I'd expect an emphasis toward a more "balanced" offense - which for Dallas translates toward running more. And, if the Boys are gonna run more, they will certainly need a more durable back.

Now stay with me here . . . but I really wouldn't be surprised that if (and that's a big if) most of the early talent pool on the top of Dallas' big board have already been drafted - Luck, RGIII, Kalil, Claiborne, Blackmon, Reiff, Ingram, DeCastro, Kuechly, Poe, Kirkpatrick, Brockers, and Upshaw - and Trent Richardson is available, that he would be their pick.

Think about it - there are several signs that point to this.

The average age of the O line now is about 25 or 26 years old. Doug Free is essentially the vet. Pass blocking is more difficult and takes more talent than run blocking. Vickers was just acquired due to Fiammetta's health issues. Felix Jones hasn't been what was originally expected - a change of pace back who can contribute by running outside, catching passes and contributing on special teams - as his injury history has proven to be somewhat of a hindrance. Couple that with the fact that he originally was to be a complement for Marion Barber's rugged between the tackle running style but ended up taking on the feature back role as MBIII had durability issues of his own. Last year, DeMarco Murray was then drafted to replace FJ as the new change of pace back. As the season went along, both FJ and DM were called upon to do most of the heavy lifting and both displayed that neither are really ready to handle the rigours of between the tackle running on a continuous basis (and probably never will be). Throw in a new O coordinator known for balanced run and pass attacks and you get a RB taken in the 1st round with the 14th pick.

This is just an "option" that I think the Cowboys may exercise if the chips fall a certain way. I'm not necessarily an advocate of taking TR but I do think he will be a VERY GOOD back in the NFL. Something along the lines of an Ahmad Bradshaw w/o the fumbling or knuckleheadedness. Perhaps a draft day trade of FJ, coupled with a later 3rd or 4th round pick, will allow Dallas to move back into the 2nd round (to replace taking a RB in the 1st).

Your thoughts?

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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