Specific's Definitive Guide To The Cowboys Offseason

The Combine is done, and free agency is at our doorstep. It is now high time to armchair GM our way back to glory. Last season the Cowboy's offensive line was decidedly middle of the pack at best, limiting our ability to outscore our opponents in uncomfortably close matches. The defense made every QB in the league look good, and kept us out of the playoffs more than anything. No worries though. Last year the Texans went from one of the worst defenses to one of the best, and we can emulate what they did. Was their defensive turn-around due to Wade not being filled with cream, but actually magic and fairies? No! They turned their defense around with a good draft and good FA acquisitions. Thats good news, because we found out Rob Ryan is not filled with magic and fairies. He is merely filled with bravado and angst. 5 FA moves, and a solid draft will go miles (and miles and miles) to making our 'Boys a serious contender next year (Next year's Champions baby!). I'm just glad I could be the first to share my offseason analysis *sarcasm*

Free Agency: The Offense

On offense, whats not to like? (maybe not love). Romo is playing some of the best football of his career. Yes, he's not perfect, yeah, I get that. But, who is perfect? You show me a QB who is perfect, and I'll show you an egg that hasn't hatched that came out of Jim Irsay. Dez could finally break out this year, Miles is Miles, and Robinson was such a pleasant surprise Santa might actually be real. Murray is the real deal (thank god). Witten. Tyron Smith was a home-run draft pick. There is a lot to like with this group. The only weakness is the interior line. Any football-loving, milky-eyed fan can see that.

The Moves

Tony Fiametta has already been tendered, he'll be back, and good move. Next up is Laurent Robinson, he needs to be brought back. He was a TD machine and allows us to abandon The Arbor (am I doing it right?). Thankfully, it appears Robinson isn't as hyped up as a top free-agent around the league as we might have feared. Sign him. Then of course we need a vet back-up QB, and I don't particularly care who it is, on account of lots of people are better than McGee. Could you imagine if we got Matt Flynn as our back-up? Don't tell me it'll never happen, I just said imagine it.

So, what about that interior line? OK, well, theres only about two big names I would want bulking up that line. Thats BTB darling Carl Nicks, and Chris Myers. Myers would be cheaper than Nicks, and is the preferred move IMO. Nicks's money would be comparable to a top CB FA, pretty expensive, we'll get to that later. I'm not saying we should definitely get either of those guys, but they are two options that would help us.

Free Agency: The Defense

Wade_phillips_medium F2623126a51b51a478551d2ce94a7f43_medium

(Pictured: Not magic)

Can anyone tell me who the biggest liability was on defense? Alan Ball? Wrong year. Guess again? Yes, that's right my milk-eyed brethren, it was Terence Newman. Therefore, it stands to reason he should be the number one priority to replace. Spencer? Take it or leave it, but don't spend 8.8 Mil. Brooking and James? Buh-Bye. Coleman? Walkies. Elam? Ugh.. maybe?

The Moves

Anyone with Vitamin D for ocular cavities will tell you Brandon Carr is the top FA CB. Sign him. Please. If you don't, you are married to a CB in the 1st round of the draft. Not good. Plus, you know who else brought in a top CB in the offseason? The Eagles? Uh.. thats not the answer I was looking for. Yes, the Texans brought in Johnathan Joseph, and I think he had a little to do with their defensive AYPA being so cuddly. Who else? Finnegan? Sure, I guess. Although every time I see him and his doofy hair I will think of Andre Johnson's fist.

Anything else? Well, like Romo needs a backup, so does Sean Lee. I care a little more about who it is, but, I'll let you use your imagination on this one.

Sign a safety? Not Elam? Sure. Oh, that would make 6 FA moves wouldn't it. Whatever. Was all of this way too obvious? Of course, you people are here for the mock anyway.

The Draft

Round 1

David DeCastro

Oh no! The Cowboys selected the safest prospect in the entire draft! Kuechly? No, I was talking about DeCastro. But good guess. Sure, you could waste your time thinking about a plethora of walking question marks known as DEs, and DTs, but I'd rather look at a very short list. My short list would be DeCastro, Kirkpatrick, and Ingram, in that order. In the 1st round I want a sure thing as a position of need. Kirkpatrick may be good, but he's not a sure thing. Plus, if the 'Boys sign Carr, you don't have to feel guilty about passing him up. DeCastro will help both Romo and Murray, day one. You could even release Kosier if you wanted.

Round 2 (fight!)

Bruce Irvin

Pray he's still there, and make the pick. Heck, he's rated 63rd on CBS and a 2-3 rounder. You might have a ton of questions if you were considering taking him in the 1st. But, here in the 2nd I would be more than happy. Production ratio of 1.98, 4.5 40, 4.03 SS, 6.7 3 Cone? Holy smokes. Let Spencer walk, and have this rookie split time with Butler. Massaquoi, Curry, and Bequette are all good choices. But, I think Irvin has them all beat.

Round 3

Josh Robinson

If you sign Carr, you no longer need an immediate starter at CB, so you can go ahead and draft a huge value CB here. This kid put up some insane combine numbers, I'll take a flyer on him for sure.

Round 4

Derek Wolfe

We need help on the DLine, and here is huge value. He was one of 3 prospects to hit 6 combine targets for DE's. The difference between him and Mike Martin and Kendal Reyes is he has the better production value of the three.

Round 4 (comp?)

Jamell Fleming

I'm going to double dip at CB in this draft, and Fleming might still be around for our 2nd 4th round pick.

Round 5

David Molk

Round 6

Brandon Hardin

Round 7

Nicolas Jean-Baptiste

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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