Ware, Lee, Carter and ...........

By way of introduction, it is important for me to let everyone reading this article know that I played linebacker in high school, in fact I played linebacker since I was 11 all the way through varsity football. So with that said, I have a special fondness for the position.

To get to the point, I've been pondering this upcoming draft... so many options, so many scenarios, so many headaches... Nonetheless, I did my due diligence and watched some video of the top prospects. As I watched Luke Kuechly's video I was VERY impressed. One of the things that stood out immediately was his instinctive ability and his knack for always being around the ball. When the Cowboys drafted Sean Lee, I watched every highlight video that I could find and raved and raved about him to my friends. My friends didn't know much about him, but I KNEW he was going to be a star and wanted some credit for spotting his ability when he had his coming out party. I was right on and every time he does something special my friends text me and say, "that's your boy"........ mission accomplished.

So why am I talking about Sean Lee? Because Luke Kuechly's tape is significantly more impressive than Sean Lee's tape. It's undeniable, his talent is evident., he is going to be a star and would look great WITH a star.

Now just think about this BTB nation....

Bruce Carter's strength is his athleticism, he would blossom as an EDGE rusher, with his only responsibility being to get to the QB and cover the flats occasionally. Now I wish I would have made a fancy table to compare his size and measurements to other OLB's, but what I do know is that he is big, fast, and athletic.... and with the best trainers in the world, he could easily put on 10-15 more pounds. Not to mention save us 8 million dollars (Spencer's Franchise Tag)

Just think about this lineup: WARE, LEE, KUECHLY, and CARTER, ALL FIRST ROUND TALENT. That sounds so sexy. Now I'm not ignorant, I understand that this team has some evident needs in our secondary and the interior of our line.... but I think we can sign a corner and get a quality interior lineman in the second round. If that's not enough to convince any of y'all, just imagine PHILLY with Kuechly, they're in DIRE need of a linebacker & someone like Kuechly in the middle will make that D formidable, they will def, take them if he is there.

So anyway, that is just what I have been thinking.... however, I took the time to write this because I want to know what BTB nation thinks.


Joe G.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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