Having a Process isn't a bad thing

I've read the word "process" thrown around in a mocking way in some posts. I can understand to a degree, when you usually hear people use the word it brings images of a long, drawn out procedure where you're not making much progress. Or at least, not making fast enough progress.
BUT, if you have someone at the top with a clear vision, having a process, can be a very good thing. The process lays a foundation for long term success if planned out right and has the right leadership. I'm a Bulls fan in the NBA, and when Derrick Rose was lucked into through the lottery, many fans couldn't believe some of the moves that were made. John Paxson continuously spoke of the process. Well, the process finally paid off last year when he saw the roster of RKG's he'd put together blossom under a detailed oriented, hard nose coach. And they are set up to win for years to come.

The PROCESS paid off, let's hope that Jason Garrett's process can bring similar success.
Now, to the real meat of this post:
Before the offseason started, before the owners tried that slick sh!t, and before we realized that, Yes! There is a true football plan in effect. All I had was hope. And this was my hope:
My hopes have been exceeded, by this free agent frenzy. Got the main target, Carr. Added upgrades at backup QB, ILB, FB, and FS, as to what I hoped for. I'm cool with the 2 guards brought in, if only because, the most important people made this decision, Callahan and Garrett.
The free agent market hasn't closed, but let's say we lay dormant until after the draft. Here's a revised version of my hopes for the draft. I would love for these to be exceeded too.

1. Melvin Ingram OLB-- I think he slips, because DeCastro, Poe, Brockers, and Tannehill jump up. I don't care about the short arms, he can bring it from anywhere, and take over for Spencer once he's out.
2. Bruce Irvin OLB-- He falls right in our laps, we all know the athlete, but what about those character issues. Everyone likes to talk about us taking risks, well I think this guy's risk is overblown and well worth it. Yea, he didn't go the usual route to get here, but that shows me his determination. Give him a role model like DWare and watch him blossom as a player and person. AND he's a hell of a player and athlete.
3. Mike Martin DE/DT-- I can't lie, got the idea after reading Specific's post. Then, after doing some research of my own I saw the key words: good work ethic and high motor. Along with him being able to push and collapse the pocket. Throw him, Lissemore, and Rat out there, we'll get added pressure.
4. Coryell Judie CB-- would be much higher if not for an injury plagued senior season. Big, fast type of corner we like, plus he's an aggressive tackler.
4. (Comp) Asa Jackson CB-- a small school product with big upside. His forte is man coverage, he has the size/speed ratio.
5. Phillip Blake G-- I know, I know how could I wait until the 5th round to address the OLine. Basically, because I because I think they will let the Yuglies and signings duke it out. Blake is a physical blocker and has good feet. Plays with a mean streak.
6. Evan Rodriguez FB/TE-- solves the 3rd TE problem this year and probably can take over FB if needed. This my pet cat. Sign that Rugby guy, and we may have a poor man's "Gronk and Hernandez" in a year or so.
7. Nicolas Jean-Baptiste NT-- hoping to catch lightning in a bottle for the third time (Ratliff, Lissemore). A big body NT for us, he's a run stuffer who has shown the ability to push the pocket. Splits time with Brent and pushes Rat over to DE.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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