Mercilus Vs. Coples

Before today I hadn't done much of my own homework on players. I just went on what I saw on here, ESPN, and other sites. Well today I went on YouTube and watched game tape on some of the top pass rushers. And let me tell you, I have fallen in love with this guy named Whitney Mercilus. Mercilus is an absolute freak. He has garnered comparisons to Demarcus Ware and I believe it's warranted.

I will now compare some game tape of Mercilus and Coples. I think Coples is the better prospect but Mercilus is the better player

First up is Mercilus. The very first thing I noticed is he makes tackles. A lot of them. Fifty-seven to be exact. He does this by recognizing the run by playing square at the line of scrimmage where he is able to shed blocks and tackle the runner. He does this exceptionally well especially for a guy that weighs only (lol) 260. But his bread and butter is pass rushing and that is what the Boys need the most. Mercilus led the nation in sacks with 16. Some skeptics think this could have been a fluke because he wasn't nearly as productive in his pervious 2 seasons. But from what I've seen, he plays well against some of the best lineman in the country and there is no reason he shouldn't produce at the next level. It seems he has put it all together.

Whitney Mercilus vs Wisconsin 2011 (via JmpasqDraftjedi)

Now Coples. He definitely shows promise. There is no doubt if he was a little more disciplined and a lot more motivated he could be the better of the two. However you will notice that he takes a lot of plays off. And that's his rap. Take 3:30 for example. Yes he makes the tackle because the running back went right into his lap, but you can see he really doesn't always have the fire and tenacity off the line that you see Mercilus has. He has a tendency to get way up field on running plays and allow huge lanes like at :21. But what is most concerning is that sometimes he just isn't very physical off the snap (case in point 3:30 again). If it's run he has a tendency to stand up and if it's pass he tries to run around the tackle's shoulder rather than through it. When the ball is going the other way there are a few times he doesn't scrape and if he did he would have made the tackle (1:19).

Quinton Coples vs Missouri (via JmpasqDraftjedi)

You wouldn't think it but for an elite pass rusher Mercilus is fantastic in the run game. I know I don't have the pedigree of Mel Kiper or some of these other gurus but I know what I see and it is that Whitney Mercilus is our man. Pull the trigger Jerry.

For the record my next two favorites where Upshaw and Curry. My favorite DT was Worthy.


Here is some bonus footage of Mercilus against Ohio St. This is the game I really fell in love with him in. You will now see what i mean about the run game if you didn't before.

It's 4 minutes of Mercilus going ABSOLUTELY HAM!

Whitney Mercilus vs Ohio State (via MetaDraft)

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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