Sept 20, 2009: 105,121 people

It has been almost 4 years since I was fortunate enough to attend my first NFL game. On September 20th, 2009 I flew from Albany, NY to see my beloved Cowboys take on their division rival New York Giants. I joined 105,120 people in celebrating our Cowboys' new stadium. To my understanding, this is the highest attendance at an NFL game, EVER!

Living in Albany, one can imagine the fan base I encounter almost daily. Hell, they have training camp at my alma-matter, SUNY Albany. This past year has been especially tough for obvious, horrible reasons... But regardless, I embrace the VaGiants fans and enjoy the banter that naturally comes along with such an immense rivalry. When I first heard of Jerry's plans to build a new Stadium, I knew it was going to be epic and I needed to go. When the time came I went with 5 friends; 3 Giants fans and 1 Cowboys fan (besides myself). The last member did not have a team and decided to let the winner of the game determine what would ultimately become his lifelong professional football fandom... (This individual is an jackass that now has horrible taste in football franchises).

Long story short, the trip was epic. The women in Texas are unbelievably nice, smoking hot, and liked my "accent". The food was like I'd never had food before and the hospitality shown to my friends and I was like nothing I'd ever experienced. We partied in the hotel pool with some ladies we met at the Blackfinn. We got a ride in a golf cart on the highway from security back from the bar. We had the cops called to the pool 6 times for excessive noise and nudity.

I will literally remember this trip for the rest of my life because it was that awesome. Even though we lost that game and my friend was now an idiot, I was able to take a step back and see the big picture. Cowboys Stadium is bigger and better than anyone else's. It is something that we as Cowboys fans share (besides being smarter/ better looking than other fanbases) that physically unites us on a map. Those who've been know this place is awe inspiring.

The reason for this post is because I am a member of the 105,121 people that were the first to attend a real NFL game in Cowboys Stadium. As a Nurse, I use sports as a means to break the ice with most people. It is one of the few things that can make total strangers communicate and feel like they were old buddies. I bring up my experience on that gorgeous September day to anyone who listens:

  • I brag to Old School Cowboys fans who grew up with Rodger slinging it in Irving, I gloat to Giants fans that their genius owners spent more on a new stadium that doesn't even have a roof.
  • I had a patient that took his then girlfriend to the same game and proposed to her after the first touchdown.
  • I met a family member of a patient who also attended the game with his father and his son, three generations of Cowboys fans.
  • I just got a call from a guy working for Verizon because my mom wants to be on my account, he sounded like he was from the south. When I asked him where he was calling out of he happily replied "Texas sir!" we started chatting and he too is a big Cowboys fan and was also AT THE GAME!!!

Small world we live in. As the 2012 season nears, I just want to say how lucky we are being fans of the Cowboys. A franchise so deeply woven into American culture that two complete strangers can share something with one another that borders on family ties. I'm excited for this upcoming season and all the seasons I'll experience from here on out. I look forward to going back to the Palace in Dallas (Fort-Worth) eventually. Until then, I'll check in to see what my brothers and sisters are saying and feeling about our team here on Blogging the Boys.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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