Credit Jerry?

First and foremost this is going to be my first fan post. I must say that I did promise on my initial SB Nation signing day that I would be posting frequently, yet this thing called life has deterred me. In any event, after reading many of the articles here at BTB regarding the free agency haul as well as considering last year's draft, it got me to wondering who deserves the credit for this seeming turn-around in organizational philosophy that has most of us Cowboys fans smiling ear to ear. Follow me after the jump for who I think deserves the toast!

Jerry Jones!

Now any regulars here at BTB should know full well that Cousin Jerry is is always a main source of anger, resentment or just flat out blame for what is wrong and has been wrong with our Cowboys. If we follow the timeline of Jerry's ownership then you see that he has done many things (Fires Landry, Fires Jimmy, etc. ) that have brought this upon himself. Having said that, and I'm no Jerry apologist believe me, I begin to think, when do we give Jerry any credit for the good moves he makes? I can hear the comments section already, "good moves?", but bear with me on this subject.

Jerry is often maligned for firing Tom and Jimmy, and I don't blame you for not agreeing with those moves, but didn't it take stones in the first place to bring in a College Coach to take over your newly bought franchise? Especially at the time when it was barely heard of? Seems Jerry never gets any credit for that tough and risky decision that turned out gold. Sure, he did also fire Jimmy but had Jerry never made that ballsy move then he was never here to begin with. Seems like we always give him the blame but no credit. Same with Parcells, no credit for bringing him in, only blame for stepping on his toes enough to force him out eventually. I'll submit that Jerry should have made a move like bringing in Bill way before our team had hit the closest to rock bottom we'd seen since the one win season. I also know that some will point out that Jerry was "forced" to bring in Bill due to ticket sales and his plans for the new stadium, but he could have went another route right? It didn't have to be the Tuna, could have went with Shannahan- oh Lord please no, or someone else. Yet barely a drop of credit for that and only the blame for him leaving. If someone besides Bill had been hired then who knows what our core would look like, no Ware? Romo? Who knows.

Now fast forward to present day. In my opinion I think through all the turmoil Jerry has been through he has turned a page. I realize this is not news to everyone, plenty of BTB articles have contained statements along the lines of " Jerry trusting his scouts more", " Jerry slowly turning the reigns over to Stephen and Garrett", so it stands to reason a lot of folks are in agreement that he is in a transitional mode as our Owner/GM.

I believe our draft last year and our free agency period this year points to this as proof of him changing, and I believe it past time to start giving him some of the credit. I realize a lot of people will argue he should have done this a long time ago but I'd reply with, turn it over to whom? Switzer?-lol, Chan Gailey?, even Parcells at the time was showing the signs the game had passed him by.

My belief is that Jerry thinks he has found his long term answer at head coach and has finally put his full trust into that person. Garrett I believe deserves his fair share of credit as does Stephen but ultimately it was on Jerry to start to trust them. It was on Jerry to believe in them, and to delegate tasks to them he'd normally hoard over like it was his Scrooge McDuck pile of gold. I personally believe since the moment Jerry turned the HC job over to Garrett he has been a different Owner and GM, I believe for the first time in quite some time, if not ever, his Coach has his trust unconditionally. I believe due to this transition that Jerry has finally started to evolve into what we've all been asking for, and it is time to start giving him some credit! He didn't have to do it, he could have been Al Davis 2.0. He bought the team, spent his money, and had no real reason to give up his Darth Vader like mind control over the organization.

I believe it's time to give some credit to our much loved/hated owner. Of course I'm sure I'll find some of you who disagree in the comments section below. Try to take it easy on me as lie I said initially, first fan post, I'm sure I made plenty of grammatical errors, most likely in the spelling of grammatical, if that is even a word at all. I'll try to follow up with another post before, well um, the season starts, how 'bout that? Enjoy!

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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