Romo a better QB than Aikman?

Recently Troy acknowledged that Romo was a better Quarterback than he was.

Troy said, “I think Tony already is a better quarterback than I was, I know how quarterbacks are judged, but as far as his play-making ability and the things that he is capable of doing, he is a far more athletic quarterback, capable of making more plays than I ever was able to.”

Jason said, "I think that's a reflection who Troy Aikman is, Troy Aikman was an outstanding quarterback, first-ballot Hall of Famer, three-time Super Bowl winner, someone who is very talented but also someone who is very modest."

Jerry said, "We all know Troy does his homework and is very contentious and doesn’t deal in lilies, but to me he’s being gratuitous and he’s being modest," Jones said. "I’ve gotten three Super Bowl rings because of what he’s about. I would say one thing. We have any things I think that we agree on, his assessment that Romo is a Super Bowl caliber quarterback is one that we really agree on. But I have a little hard time making the same comparison that he did. I know what troy was and how much what we wouldn’t be today without Troy Aikman, he’s being pretty modest.

Norv said, “I don’t know that I can make an evaluation on Tony. I’ve seen him. I don’t study him, but to me, the whole key to that position, right now the numbers are inflated. It still comes down to playing great in the fourth quarter, playing great with the game on the line and obviously playing great in the playoffs. It’s hard for me to name three or four guys that were better than Troy in that situation.”

Darren said, "I don't know if I'm biased, but I saw the best every day in practice -- and that's Troy Aikman, You talk about leadership skills, you talk about controlling the huddle, being a huge locker room presence, brought his lunch pail to work every single day, [Aikman] is probably the most accurate quarterback I've ever seen throw the ball. A guy that really understood his role and made people play at a high level around him. They don't get any better than Troy Aikman. I haven't seen it."

So here's my opinion, if you don't already know it. The only Dallas Cowboys jersey I ever bought was #8 with Aikman on the back. Norv is right the numbers are inflated, Troy is right, the ability to roll-out, throw on the run, he would not be as effective as Tony and if he didn't have the OL that he did it might have been different. But I've got to side with Jerry and Norv here, when the game is on the line I want Troy to have the ball, not Tony.

Troy is being modest, I agree with Jason and Jerry there. Darren's comment is probably the most important one - leadership - that's what Troy is remembered for - 3 superbowl rings. Jerry knows that. He values those 3 rings, they extended a legacy and built his career as an owner/general manager. He was the most accurate quarterback ever and perhaps the best all-around quarterback ever. If Romo could retire with 1 superbowl victory he would be happy.

You can compare Troy to Brady, Montana, Bradshaw and Staubach, but not to Romo, Rivers, Vick or anyone else. Even if they are more talented. Troy was a 1st ballot hall of famer because of his superbowl victories, that's what matters.

One more thing to add - technically speaking Aikman had a different arm motion than Romo. I often hear that Romo throws of his back foot or has a quicker release like Marino did. Marino and Aikman both release the ball and have a motion that's higher than Romo which changes things technically for them. Romo is 6' 2" and both of them were 6'4". It made a huge difference. Aikman followed-through more but even when he used a quick release the ball was always above his ear it seemed. Romo throws the ball very low and even just above his shoulder when he scrambles out of the pocket.

I don't think you see that in his stats as a negative thing but it does mean he will move out of the pocket more or avoid short passes over the middle. Aikman threw a lot of passes over the middle and was very effective on slants and in-routes because of it. Quick passes, especially if the QB is starting under the center require the QB to throw above the linemen, which can be difficult for shorter QBs or ones that are more accurate throwing in a tight arm motion.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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