Final mock for steggy!

By now we all know what our needs are. I am not going to bore you with reiterating those. I will say, although we had a very productive FA and filled many holes, we still have depth and development concerns across the entire roster. This Draft if pivitol. Because of the failed '09 draft we are forced to hit on more players than what is typically needed. Last year was a good start, but this draft needs to have as good or better results than last year. I present: my final and plausible mock to quell our concerns.

1) 22(T)- Mark Barron, S


For some reason Barron seems to get a bad rap around here. He is constantly compared to RW31 and I just don't see it. Is he a hard tackler? Youbetcha, but he is also very smart and underrated in coverage ability. I would even veture to say he is a ballhawk. I believe he is a true center fielder not just an in the box guy. We need a good S for once.

2) 45- Bruce Irvin, OLB


There is no "almost" here. While Irvin may need some time to develop in coverage/run support I believe he will be the best pass rusher of this draft class. If you watch tape on him he not only has a great edge rush using his freakish speed, but he was actually able to bull rush very well; all that at a mere 235lbs. He has since bulked up to almost 250, and while he will probably need to gain a few more lbs, he has shown he can do just that. (remember, Ware was only 251 at the combine). He has had his troubles, but he IS a RKG. People need to get over their misconception of the RKG. Garrett cares about winning. He wants players who LOVE football, who will work hard every day, and just not a total screwup.

53(T)- Kelechi Osemele, OG/ROT


Osememle, to me has the highest ceiling of all the Gs. He is not the polished product DeCastro is, but he has the potential to reach that and more. He is the Tron of 2012 Gs if you will. What I really love about Osemele is his versatility. He can come in and be a day 1 starter at G, but can also be the backup ROT. I would love this pick.

3) 81- Trumaine Johnson, CB


Johnson has that size, speed, and ball skill combination that is just so hard to find these days. He can play good press man and his hips are more than fluid enough to remain a CB. If it weren't for some maturity concerns he would be drafted much higher. He could also be groomed as a FS if we do resign Jenkins. Could you imagine a back field of 6'+ Carr, 6'+ Barron, and 6'+ Johnson in one back field? Those big NFCE receivers wouldn't pose as much a threat.

4) 113- Malik Jackson, DE34


Now that he has bulked up, he is a great fit for the DE34 spot. We need a little of ^this^ from that position. Rob Ryan will also love this guy. He pretty much lined up at every spot on the DL. NT, DE34, DE43, DT43, he can do it all and he can get to the QB from every spot. With a 4, this guy is a steal. Will he need some grooming? Absolutely, but he will be worth it.

135- Orson Charles, TE


This guy is everything Garrett wants in a TE. has the perfect size and strength to be an H-back. He has the hands and on field speed of a bulked up receiver and he is proficient in both pass and run blocking. Yes he got a DUI, but that just gives us the (previously) top rated TE with out comp pick; at least his other charge was for going too slow not too fast ;)

5) 152- I would LOVE for David Molk, C to slip to here, but I am not sure It will happen. If Tank Carder is there, I like him as well. We could always settle for Akeim Hicks DT/DE, Mike Brewster C, Coty Sensabaugh, etc. I guess the fact is that I just don't know who i like here.

6) 186- Greg Childs, WR


I like Childs... does that sound creepy? I think he is underrated. He projected well until getting hurt and basically just not getting the PT he should have afterwards. He has great size and speed and he had good workouts at both the combine and his pro day. NFLdraftscout has him listed, around where I assumed he would be, at a 3rd; every mock i read has him 6-UDFA. I don't know if he makes it here, but if he does, I jump for joy. Plus, Jerry loves him sum Razorbacks!

7) 222- Patrick Witt, QB


Let's face it, McGee is as good as gone. This time around we need a QB who is from a pro style offense and isn't afraid to make the play. Witt has prototypical size for an NFL QB. He can make all the throws and does so with a strong arm. Much like Romo, Witt is not fast, but is very aware inside the pocket and able to avoid sacks and extend plays. Also like Romo, he does tend to force plays if losing etc. I am not sure if that is because he is surrounded by sub par talent or it is his mental crutch. All in all, he has everything you would want in a late round developmental QB. He is an Ivy league guy, much like Garrett, and was even Rhodes Scholar candidate (he chose to play against Harvard instead of the scholar interview). the fit just seems perfect.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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