The Dream Mock...

Hey everyone, my name is Mike (well at least everyone calls me that) and this would be my first fan post and my first mock draft. I been an daily reader of BTB and new to posting so please bare with me. This is my opinion on a good draft and that I would believe it would be a successful draft and please leave any comments that can help improve my writing.

I am going to start off with our needs that all of us may know but anyway the JG inc is probably looking for a DE, OLB, CB, S, G, C, WR, TE. Our biggest needs is DE, OLB, G. We can always find a WR and TE in the later rounds. Thanks to the Carr signing we can wait on a CB until the the 2nd through the 4th (thank god for a deep Safety class.) and Connor will give us depth at ILB so with furthur to do lets get to my mock!

1st Round- 14th pick for the Cowboys is...

Dont'a Hightower LB - Alabama



Yes I know another LB but he as versatility to play OLB DE and ILB. This guy as the ability to make plays and has the athleticism hat RR and JG is looking for. He can cover and get after the quarterback. I would love this guy as a Cowboy and would be a great fit for our defense and an upgrade.

2nd Round- 45th pick the Cowboys select:

Kevin Zeitler OG Wisconsin



This guy is a perfect fit for the Cowboys Oline. He has the physical ability to block but the Cowboys has some good competition. He can start on day 1 but he may need to be groomed a little bit. I hope he can contribute to our Offense.

3rd Round- 81st overall

Jayron Hosley*, CB/PR, Virginia Tech



This guy is known to be a ballhawk. His downside is his height only weighing in at 5-10 and 178lb. He needs to gain a little wait but I believe in this guy. He has great speed and he is smart. He is good a punt returns and can help the Cowboys in the special teams. Once he gains some weight through the off season workouts he can be a ballhawk in his 2nd or 3rd year.

4rth Round- 113th Overall

Malik Jackson, DE



This guy is a steal in the fourth round. With Dont'a Hightower and this guy together can create chaos in the backfield. This guy is huge and would tremedously help out defensive line. He is under the radar and hopefully we get him. He may need to be groomed but he would contribute.

4th round pick, compensatory pick 135th overall

Greg Childs, WR, Arkansas



This guy would eliminate a need and would be a good slot receiver in the nfl.Im not sure he would make this far but this is my dream mock so hopefully it works out. He would be a deep threat and be under the radar. Good choice to draft this guy.

5th Round- 152nd pick overall

Evan Rodriguez, TE, Temple



This guy could play FB, HB, and TE. He is like a Hernandez clone from the New England. He would be a good recieving tight end and can put up numbers. He can be groomed from our own Jason Witten since he is slowly declining. He would be a good 5th rounder.

6th- 186th overall

Coty Sensabaugh, DB



This guy did good at the combined and would give us depth at the corner position. He brings speed, change of direction, and mental skill sets for Jerome Henderson to utilitize. Just coach him up and he will be good for us in the future.

7th Round Pick- 222nd overall

T-Bob Hebert, C/G, LSU



Although he been in and out of games he can play Center and guard. He needs to get stronger and be coached up. I believe he will be a solid pick for the Boys and could be a solid player in the future. We may get lucky if he contributes.

Well there is my first mock and first fanpost. I hope you all enjoy and please give your opinions on it. I would think it is realistic and would be a great draft for me at least.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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