Just what you need, another Mock Draft

Hey BTB, I originally wasn't planning on doing a mock draft, seeing as I've never done one before. Although, this morning I got an e-mail to play's "Predict The Pick" where you can win a trip to Super Bowl XLVII in New Orleans. Basically the game is to choose the the correct order of all first round picks without any trade scenarios. So I figured what the heck? I'll post my mock on BTB since I know a lot of you guys love 'em. Keep in mind this is my first ever mock and only my second ever fanpost. With that said let's get to the picks.

1. Indianapolis Colts select ANDREW LUCK, QB STANFORD: Need I say more? This pick is a lock.

2. Washington Redskins select ROBERT GRIFFIN III, QB BAYLOR: Again, this pick is a lock, and it sucks to know that us Dallas fans will have to deal with him for the next decade :(

3. Minnesota Vikings select MATT KALIL, OT USC: Wow, all I can say is that this is a great pick for a young offense. What better way to protect your franchise QB and open holes for your superstar RB then by taking this monster. The vikes still need big help just about everywhere else but this a great foundation to that O-line.

4. Cleveland Browns select TRENT RICHARDSON, RB ALABAMA: I don't care what you say about finding quality running backs in later rounds because this guy is no quality running back, he is the next superstar. I love this guy (He was the subject of my first fanpost) because not only can he run through you, but he can run around you and he is durable. Cleveland is getting an awesome player here.

5. Tampa Bay Buccaneers select MORRIS CLAIBORNE, CB LSU: Ronde Barber is like 80 and Aqib Talib has some serious problems. Morris Claiborne can come in and solidify that secondary which needs help in the worst way. Don't think for a second that his Wonderlic Score will drop him past Tampa, this kid has high character and high football IQ, and that's just about the only thing that matters.

6. St. Louis Rams select JUSTIN BLACKMON, WR OKLAHOMA ST.: The Rams may have pulled off one of the greatest trades in recent history. They still pick up the guy they wanted all along while acquiring 2 more first round draft picks and a second rounder this year. Blackmon and Bradford will form an elite duo for the next decade.

7. Jacksonville Jaguars select MICHAEL FLOYD, WR NOTRE DAME: Every year a team reaches for a talent that they covet, and this is the first one in this draft. Say what you will about character concerns, but this guy will be an elite talent in the NFL similar to Larry Fitz. He catches everything, is a fantastic route runner, and can out jump just about every corner in the NFL. Him and Laurent will be a nice tandem for a struggling Gabbert (LOL).

8. Miami Dolphins select RILEY REIFF, OT IOWA: Again, another so-called reach but he is worth it in every way. He will make the jump easily to the NFL and solidify that O-line when you already have Jake Long as you're blindside protector. Reiff brings an attitude along with superior skill. Miami starts it reformation in the trenches.

9. Carolina Panthers select LUKE KEUCHLY, LB BOSTON COLLEGE: Straight up blue chipper. The Panthers need defensive help at every level, so they take the best defensive player on the board. Carolina fans will be saying, "Dan Connor who?" once Keuchly comes in and dominates, plus it seems that none of Carolina's LB's can stay healthy for a full season so this pick just makes way too much sense.

10. Buffalo Bills select JOHNATHAN MARTIN, OT STANFORD: The drop off in OT talent after the first round cause Buffalo to reach a little to grab this man. A freakish talent with the ability to play LT but will probably pull a Tron and start at RT for the first year. Buffalo seriously upgraded their D with Mario Williams and I would've put Melvin Ingram here if not for that. They need O-line help so it's a win win situation.

11. Kansas City Chiefs select DAVID DECASTRO, OG STANFORD: Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!! I'm sorry folks but the odds of him falling to us are slim and I just don't see Kansas City passing him up unless Richardson somehow miraculously falls. They need OG help to pave the way for Charles and Hillis. Kansas City will have a dominant running game next season wit this pick.

12. Seattle Seahawks select QUINTON COPLES, DE NORTH CAROLINA: Seattle needs to upgrade their pass rush and do so with Coples. I love Pete Carroll as a head coach and I believe that he is the man to mold Coples into a beast pass rusher, which he is when he tries. I don't believe motor concerns will be a problem for the Seahawks to nab this talent.

13. Arizona Cardinals select MELVIN INGRAM, DE SOUTH CAROLINA: Again, a team in dire need of pass rush help. Ingram is extremely versatile and can play just about any position on the line and OLB in a 3-4.

14. Dallas Cowboys select DONTARI POE, DT MEMPHIS: Dun Dun Dun, the pick you all have been waiting for. I won't lie I was a little against this pick but I've watched tape and people have been saying that he was misused at Memphis and I couldn't agree more. Bottom line he is an athletic freak who brings an added pass rush element to a 3-4 NT spot that is solely meant to occupy space and force you to run around him and the pass rush just makes him even more interesting. Coach him up at the NFL level and this guy could be the next Vince Wilfork, now doesn't that sound nice? Not to mention we can then move Rat to DE.

15. Philadelphia Eagles select MICHAEL BROCKERS, DT LSU: Thank god we snatched up Poe before these guys because they definitely would've taken him. On the down side, they get their own talent as well. Not as much upside as Poe, and is a little raw (Keep in mind he just finished his sophomore year). Philly will take the chance on the high ceiling this kid has, as we all know they love defensive lineman.

16. New York Jets select MARK BARRON, S ALABAMA: Another piece for Rex Ryan to use that will make the secondary a pain for every team. You can never have too many defenders in a division with the golden boy Tom Brady.

17. Cincinnati Bengals select DRE KIRKPATRICK, CB ALABAMA: The Bengals are truly putting together something special, although they do need corner help and Kirkpatrick can be elite in the NFL. Character concerns have caused him to drop a little but a little pot never hurt anyone and Cincy views talent over character.

18. San Diego Chargers select CORDY GLENN, OG GEORGIA: A HUGE man with all kinds of potential and versatility. They miss out on DeCastro but grab the next best guard in the draft, lord knows they need O-line help.

19. Chicago Bears select COURTNEY UPSHAW, DE ALABAMA: Question about whether he can play OLB in a 3-4 cause a couple teams to pass on him but the Bears could use some pass rush help opposite Peppers, and Upshaw brings that along with high football IQ, and great instincts. Not to mention that he shows up in big games, and in the clutch.

20. Tennessee Titans select JANORIS JENKINS, CB NORTH ALABAMA: I was teetering between Jenkins and Gilmore here but Jenkins the superior talent and Tennessee could care less about questionable character. The Tennessee secondary will be formidable with Jenkins and Verner manning the outsides with McCourty in the middle. Great pick up for a team on the rise.

21. Cincinnati Bengals select KENDALL WRIGHT, WR BAYLOR: Again, I was teetering between Kendall Wright and Stephen Hill. I think Hill has more upside (Imagine Hill and Green WOW) but at the same time Kendall Wright is a huge playmaker with great game speed (ran a poor 40) and can run all the routes. Either way Dalton gets another playmaker to pair with A.J. Green.

22. Cleveland Browns select RYAN TANNEHILL, QB A&M: Personally, I feel this is too high for him but Cleveland gets a QB with a lot of upside who won't be ready to start right away. Though, I'm sure Cleveland is ecstatic to have him fall to them.

23: Detroit Lions select STEPHON GILMORE, CB SOUTH CAROLINA: Great pick up for that defense. I feel they could go Mike Adams here with a need at RT but Gilmore is the better talent for an extremely weak secondary.

24. Pittsburgh Steelers select FLETCHER COX, DT MISS. ST.: They need help on the D-line and could take Hightower here but with Aaron Smith possibly retiring and Keisel never healthy, as well as the aging Casey Hampton they take a player who could play any of those postions. The kid has a great motor and high football IQ so this pick just makes too much sense.

25. Denver Broncos select COBY FLEENER, TE STANFORD: Denver needs a playmaking TE badly and Peyton Manning needs a new best friend, so it's a win win situation. Thank the sweet lord, the Giants won't get him :)

26. Houston Texans select DONT'A HIGHTOWER, LB ALABAMA: With the loss of Demeco Ryans the Texans have a big need at MLB for that 3-4. Hightower gives them a versatile and smart player who fits perfectly with the culture the Texans are building over there. Great pick up.

27. New England Patriots select WHITNEY MERCILUS, DE ILLINOIS: The Pats play alot of hybrid D mixing it up between the 4-3 and 3-4 so this is a smart pick. He can play OLB in 3-4 and DE in 4-3 and the Pats need pass rush help badly.

28. Green Bay Packers select NICK PERRY, DE USC: Another team in dire need of pass rush help. Who cares if Green Bay primarily runs a 3-4 this kid can bring the heat from any spot on the D-line. With this one pick Green Bay's D returns to dominance, at least until Charles Woodson retires.

29. Baltimore Raves select PETER KONZ, C WISCONSIN: This pick makes too much sense since they lost Matt Birk. He won't make it past Baltimore.

30. San Franciso 49ers select KEVIN ZEITLER, OG WISCONSIN: The 49ers lost Adam Snyder and now have a need at Guard. They love big men on the line so they may reach for Silatolu or even trade up for Cordy Glenn but Zeitler presents the best option at this spot since we know they like to ground and pound and don't want to leave the game in Alex Smith's hands.

31. New England Patriots select STEPHEN HILL, WR GEORGIA TECH: Besides Welker, they have no WR's whatsoever. Now we know they have two beast TE's, so this pick may not make a lot of sense, and knowing NE they probably decide to trade out of the first round but Hill's potential is undeniable and besides, you can never give the Golden Boy too many receiving threats.

32. New York Giants select MIKE ADAMS, OT OHIO STATE: Kareem McKenzie just isn't cutting it, and he's getting old so they upgrade the O-line with a big man with killer footwork. Looks like D-Ware will have a new nemesis.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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