New take on trading back and BPA/2012

Time to watch the rocks fly folks. Yes, 14 is a nice shiny pick. Maybe for those teams desperate for reach into blue chip or bust territory. The problem I have with the middle of the first round is the drop off in sure fire impact players. Luckily for my plan, the Cowboys will be targeting a first round impact player at a slightly less valuable position. Nope, not Guard...

Goodies after the jump.

So here it is t-shirt fan, trolls, and fanatics. Trades and all. Tear me a new one or start lobbying for my hire as the new GM. Just don't tell me "it's alright".

@ 14 Dallas trades back with Cleveland at 22.

(DAL:14@1,100+113@68+Felix Jones) 1,168 pts+former 1st round guy that fits need.

(CLE:22@780+37@530) 1,310 pts

Pick/Trade Evaluation: Cleveland picks up Trent Richardson with the 4th pick, but could still use a change of pace back and wants to make a big splash with 2 blue chippers this year. This is their last chance with Decastro still on the board(dumdumduuuum!).

So, let's recap. Cleveland moves up 8 positions to the top half of the first, for the last available blue chipper(Decastro), and they get Felix. Sounds sweet enough to me.

@ 22(1st) The Dallas Cowboys select: Coby Fleener, TE Stanford

Pick/Trade Evaluation: So the bomb drops. Initially, Cowboy fans are PISSED! Why would we draft a TE in the first round? Is this Jerry jumping on the Gronkowski bandwagon? What about all the more pressing needs like DL, G, and DB?

Hear me out.

Fleener ran a 4.4 in the 40, has great ball skills, stands 6'6" @ 247lbs, has a 37" vertical, and put up 27 reps. Who needs a third receiver when you can run red zone sets with these guys. Witten, Phillips, Fleener, Dez, & Murray. Does anyone remember how crippled we were when TE depth went down the toilet with Phillips going down a couple of years ago?

What if? Fleener was a major reason for Luck's dominance? Sounds like a heck of a crutch to me. I can't help but see a mismatch somewhere in a mold between Gronkowski, V. Jackson, and J. Graham. Fleener will not last much farther than this IMO w/ teams like NE, Pitt, GB, and NY just around the corner.

@ 37 The Dallas Cowboys trade back with Cincy for 53

(DAL:37@530+152@30.6) 560.6 pts

(CIN:53@370+83@175) 545 pts

Pick/Trade Evaluation: The Cowboys jockey for position again with WR value. The only guys with the size/talent warranted at this pick would be Alshon Jeffrey, WR S. Carolina. After losing Jerome Simpson to the drugs and FA, Cincy will need another big target to compliment their youth movement at skill positions and bolster that rookie duo from last year. I have them picking Glenn and Gilmore with their 1st rounders.

@ 45(2nd) The Dallas Cowboys select: Kevin Zeitler, G Wisconsin

Pick/Trade Evaluation: Zeitler is not Decastro. I get that. But, after watching the guy play, he was every bit of what made that cheese curd driven offensive line what it was. Next to every running play they ran was built around his strengths. Check out youtube clips of Wisconsin v. Penn St./Nebraska. Amazing talent. Decent measurables.

@ 53(2nd) The Dallas Cowboys Select: Alameda Ta'amu, NT Washington

Pick/Trade Evaluation: Ta'amu is just what the doctor ordered for this front. A massive man with a great motor. Played at 390lbs at times with Washington, so weight management may be an issue. But I've got a hunkering that this guys has a problem with the "I can't afford steak, so I eat a hell of alot of McDonalds" syndrome. This could be the best pick-up of the draft. Not to the average T-shirt fan that likes sacks and interceptions. But, trust me, they will get theirs when the other 5 or 6 guys up front are going wild.

@ 81(3rd) The Dallas Cowboys select: Terrance Ganaway, RB Baylor Robert Turbin, RB Utah St.

Pick/Trade Evaluation: Ganaway is a bit of a 1 hit wonder, like his teammate Griffin. But, at 240 lbs, would be an excellent short yardage compliment to the explosive Murray/Tanner combo.Turbin is a BAMF. Draft him.

@ 83(3rd) The Dallas Cowboys select: Trumaine Johnson, DB Montana

Pick/Trade Evaluation: Trumaine Johnson is not a guy I know a ton about as far as our RKG policy goes. But, I do know that he is the last of the talented CB with the size and speed we are looking to target for possible CB/S hybrid players. And he has a pretty great "crazy eyes" look about him.

@ 135(comp) The Dallas Cowboys select: Emmanuel Acho, ILB TX

Pick/Trade Evaluation: Some may call this a reach. But, what better place to get Bradie James 2.0. I watched this guy alot this year. Kind of an unspoken hero and veteran leader, if you will, on an otherwise young and very talented TX D. I could definately see him and his brother being solid starters in this league in a few years. They are like the Tim Tebows of LBs on the RKG front. The only thing keeping me from lobbying for his brother last year was the known talent of Emmanuel coming out this year.

@ 186(6th) The Dallas Cowboys select: Cliff Harris, CB Oregon

Pick/Trade Evaluation: This, I don't really get. How a guy rated so high a year ago's stock could drop so far. Pick him up and see how things go. Worst case? He's 100 fold better than Ball and can return kicks.

@ 222(7th)The Dallas Cowboys select: Donald Stephenson, T Oklahoma

Pick/Trade Evaluation: Take a stab at a better insurance policy than Brewster.


1/TE/Coby Fleener

2/G/Kevin Zeitler

2/NT/Alameda Ta'Amu

3/RB/Robert Turbin

3/DB/Trumaine Johnson

Comp/LB/Emmanuel Acho

6/CB/Cliff Harris

7/T/Donald Stephenson

Well, there it is. Like it? Love it? Think it's a big ball of crap? Lemme know!


Defensive Alternate (With Trades)

1/Gilmore (Cox, if he miraculously drops)








Dream Draft (No Trades)

1/ Cox (DE/DT)

2/ Fleener (TE)

3/ Brooks (G)

4/ L. Johnson (CB)

comp/ Acho (LB)

5/ Harris (CB)

6/ Fuller (WR)

7/ Stephenson (T)

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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