2012 Schedule: A Look Into The Crystal Ball

The brand spankin' new schedule has just been released and a lot of Cowboy fans have already committed this years Boys to 8-8 or 6-10 due to how "Tough" it is. I for one am glad it's a tough schedule not a creampuff one like New England gets every year. Makes this team have to earn a playoff spot. When you fight hard for something the victory usually feels a lot sweeter doesn't it? So if this current team wants to be super bowl contenders let alone NFC East crown wearers it's got to take a note from the new kids on the block and start Hangin' Tough.

So let's take a look at this schedule shall we?

(Note: My predictions are all speculative. They are not based on concrete facts)

Week 1 (Sept 5th)

Dallas Cowboys @ New York Giants(Giants have a sour homecoming as Dallas spoils their victory parade with a dominating beatdown. It's a defensive flurry as Eli Manning is sacked six times is pressured all night long by DeMarcus Ware and a revitalized Anthony Spencer. Marcus Spears has a monster game and notches 2 sacks and a forced fumble. The offense ground and pounds the Giants to death with a heavy dose of DeMarco Murray who rushes for 183 yards on 20 carries and 2 TDs. Romo has a career night carving up the Giants secondary for 316 yards and 3 Tds as the Boys stun the Super Bowl champs into submission 35-13.)

I really do think Dallas lets out some demons in the opener. The Giants have had our number for too long. All offseason to think about these punks winning another SB? No better motivation for this current team to kick the snot out of the Giants on national TV. But more than likely the Cowboys will probably lose in gut wrenching fashion near the end as usual. One can dream can't they?

Week 2 (Sept 16th)

Dallas Cowboys @ Seattle Seahawks(This one turns out to be not the walk in the park as expected as the Seahawks make tough sledding for the boys especially in the first half as a couple of early special teams miscues give the new look Seahawks life and they take a 21-13 lead at the half. Dallas then kicks into overdrive in the second half as the offense explodes putting up 21 unanswered points as the defense tigtens up and secures the win with a pick six in the final minutes to secure a wild and wacky 34-28 victory.)

This one just seems a bit fishy too me. Seattle is not the worst team at home and for some reason I think the Boys will take this one a bit too lightly. But maybe they'll surprise me and beat the feathers off of em?

Week 3 (Sept 23rd)

Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ Dallas Cowboys(Dallas has a sweet homecoming as they click on all cylinders and Dismantle the Bucs in decisive fashion. Both DeMarco and Felix rush for over 100 yards and pick up a TD each, and Dez Bryant continues to impress in his 3rd year with his third straight over 100 yard performance and 2 TDs. The defense also gets two TDs in an emphatic 41-17 rout. )

I'm just not scared of the Bucs. Even with their shiny new toys. Maybe they'll prove me wrong. For our team's sake, I hope not. Vincent Jackson is a scary beast though..

Week 4 (Oct 1st)

Chicago Bears @ Dallas Cowboys (MNF) (The lights are bright and stars come to shine as a thrilling duel takes places between Jay Cutler and Tony Romo as they light up the texas sky with an aerial flurry. Tony and Jay throw for 350 yards each and at least 3 Tds. But it's a surprisingly defensive second half that leads to a Cowboys victory as the defense blows up recording a record eight sacks onward to a convincing 38-24 victory.)

I see a shoot out of some sorts in this game. Whether it's in the first half or the second I feel it in my gut. I just don't see us losing on Monday Night. I see the primetime curse being broken a little bit this season. Remember when we almost never lost when the lights are bright? Time for that to start happening again.

Week 5 BYE(If there was a way to lose a bye week. I would hope this team wouldn't know how. That kinda funny business should have left with Wade.)
Week 6 (Oct 14th)

Dallas Cowboys @ Baltimore Ravens(Dallas loses a tough one due to a devastating pick six by Tony Romo. The start Orton chants begin in Dallas the day after. Even though it was Miles Austin who ran the wrong route at the end that lead to the pick six. Dallas loses 21-17)

I see an ugly road loss in Baltimore and the vidiots at Espn and NFL network carrying on about how Romo isn't a leader and he can't get this team to the promised land because he makes too many dumb decisions. Let the Romo hating commence!

Week (Oct 21st)

Dallas Cowboys @ Carolina Panthers (Dallas loses a thriller in overtime. As Cam Newton and the resurgent Panthers scratch their way out of a 14 point defecit in the fourth quarter and follow a Cam rumble into the endzone to victory. Romo plays like a pro bowler in the first half but throws 2 picks in the second that don't even lead to points, but he ends up getting blamed for the loss. Rumors swirl about Kyle Orton starting next week at the Giants. Defense stinks hot garbage in this one. Especially the second half. Newton rushes for over 100 yards and throws for 300 more in a 38-31 loss.)

The panthers aren't pussies anymore. I see them as this year's Detroit Lions. A resurgent franchise. Plus running QBs give us fits. Dan Connor or no Dan Connor. I see this as a tough one. But then again the boys could spank their tails but I just see this one as a heartbreak waiting to happen.

Week 8 (Oct 28th)

New York Giants @ Dallas Cowboys(Romo is the man in this one. The Giants bring their A Game and hit Dallas in the mouth early and often leading to the boys being behind at halftime 21-10. The Giants strike early in the 3rd and take a 24-10 lead. Felix Jones fumbles in the middle of the third leading to a Giants field goal. With the Giants leading 27-10, Romo puts together a series of TD drives that would make Staubach proud. He starts off the comeback with a quick 66 yard bomb to Miles Austin. Then the defense sends the Giants to a three and out early in the fourth, and Romo takes the Cowboys 79 yards down the field to paydirt with a DeMarco Murray rush TD. With the Giants once commanding lead now down to 3 Eli tries to pull of some 4th quarter magic and he tires too hard this time and is picked off by Mike Jenkins near midfield. With a minute and a half left and two timeouts Romo picks apart the Giants secondary, and hits Dez Bryant for a 26 yard TD to take the lead 31-27. The Giants make it interesting though as they carry the punt return past midfield. With 30 seconds and no timeouts Eli leads the Giants into the redzone. The Giants hopes of victory are finally nullified when DeMarcus Ware sacks Eli at the five yard line with 10 seconds left sealing a dramatic victory.)

Wow. Here's hoping this game ends up being this exciting. If so I better have my tums handy. I just see Romo kicking some tail in these matchups.

Week 9 (Nov 4th)

Dallas Cowboys @ Atlanta Falcons (SNF) (The Sunday night curse sadly continues and Romo and Co. drop one in November. The Falcons hang tough for the whole game as Dallas is never able to get seperation. The Cowboys never trail until the last two minutes as Matt Ryan lives up to his moniker and drives the Falcons 88 yards into the endzone with 26 seconds left to secure a wild 29-27 victory. Dallas' offense sputters in the second half only mustering a couple field goals. Defense plays well, but a deep pass to Julio Jones gives Atlanta hope and opens the door.)

I don't trust Dallas on Sunday Night anymore. Gonna be tough.

Week 10 (Nov 11th)

Dallas Cowboys @ Philadelphia Eagles(Eagles get smoked in this one. Dallas takes out some frustration on the birds early and often. Some controversy started before the game when DeSean Jackson tweeted he was gonna fly over dem boys. Michael Vick also joined the fray when he said in an interview he thought the Eagles were the best team in the league.(Philly is 6-2 at this point.) Due to some ill advised trash talking on Philly's end the Cowboys get some extra juice and hand the eagles their worst loss of the season. DeMarco runs wild in this one for over 200 yards rushing and 3 tds. Romo picks apart the secondary for over 300 yards and 3 Tds. Both Miles Austin and Dez Bryant have over 100 yard games and a TD a piece. Michael Vick gets held to under 200 yards passing and 2 picks. As DeSean Jackson gets shut down ending up with 3 catches for 57 yards and a truly embarassing trucking by Sean Lee. 45-10 all Boys all the time.)

Now this is just pure fantasy. A fun one though. I mean who doesn't want to see the Eagles talking trash and then getting punked? I know I do.

Week 11 (Nov 18th)

Cleveland Browns @ Dallas Cowboys(Dallas makes short work of the Browns in a rather tiedous affair. A balanced attack on offense and a debilitating defense make mincemeat out of the brownies in a 34-3 rout.)

As much as I'd like to say this one will be tough. I can't. The browns do have a good defense though. But until they get an offense that can scare a flea, I'm not worried.

Week 12 (Nov 22nd)

Washington Redskins @ Dallas Cowboys(The new look Skins stun the Cowboys with a last second Field Goal for the win by Kai Forbath.(Why Not? Every other kicker we've canned ends up there sooner or later.) Dallas never leads until late in the fourth when Romo runs in for a TD in dramatic fashion to give the Cowboys the lead 21-20. But RG3 continues to dazzle the audience and the D with his fancy footwoork and on 4th and 12 with 22 seconds left in the game, slings a perfect pass right into the hands of Orlando Scandrick who deflects it into the hands of Pierre Garcon who catches the ball for a first down in Dallas territory. Rob Ryan is seen fuming on the sidelines. RG3 then runs for 12 yards to get the Skins into field goal range with six seconds left leading to Forbath's game winner from 41 yards out. A truly sickening loss.)

Didn't see that one coming eh? I really wish I didn't see this one as one of those wacky losses. But I do. I mean we barely beat the skins last season. What makes you think it's gonna be easy this time around?

Week 13 (Dec 2nd)

Philadelphia Eagles @ Dallas Cowboys (SNF) (A Sunday night meltdown. The Eagles whip our tails to the tune of 41-23 Sparking a flurry of commentators questioning Dallas's heart and their willingness to win. Never mind the fact Tony Romo was knocked out of the game in the waning seconds of the first half with a concussion after a late hit that was never seen, but the Boys really are out of sorts in this one.. LeSean McCoy makes us look silly again(He was inactive in the last matchup) At first the game was still in reach, it was a tough defensive battle, both teams sharing blows ending at halftime with Romo out of the game due to an obvious cheap shot by Babin after a daring sideline run for a first down by TR. To put the Cowboys in field goal range with 16 seconds left in the half. The score at the half was Cowboys 16 Eagles 13. Then Orton came in cold and proceeded to throw one pick six after another. Finally after the third pick Orton was pulled in favor of Stephen McGee who in one last drive in the fourth easily lead Dallas down the field and tossed a late 36 yard TD pass to Dez Bryant. But the damage was already done as Michael Vick had already sauntered into the endzone for an embarrassing 46 yard jaunt earlier. A pitful performance.)

If only I couldn't see a season where the Eagles don't kick our behinds. I don't think this year will be that season either.

Week 14 (Dec 9th)

Dallas Cowboys @ Cincinnati Bengals(Romo is cleared to play after his controverstial late hit he suffered in last weeks' matchup against Philly. And he delivers a gutsy performance on the road as he wills the Cowboys to victory through much opposition. Recievers dropping balls left and right, the normally reliable kicker missing wide right, and his running back putting the ball on the turf. But luckily the Dallas D came to play and held the Bengals to mere field goals and 3 and outs. The offense finally finds it stride late with two TD passes from Tony Romo to seal the deal with a gritty 21-13 victory.)

I see this being a hard fought road win. The kind that builds character.

Week 15 (Dec 16th)

Pittsburgh Steelers @ Dallas Cowboys(Dallas shuts out the aging Steelers in a surprising 31-0 blowout win. The defense pressures Big Ben into three picks and sacks him eight times leading to more short fields for the offense. Not a pretty win, but it looks that way on the scoreboard. Romo is sharp but unspectacular tossing for 236 yards and 2 tds. DeMarco Murray shines again though with 22 rushes for 188 and a TD. DeMarcus Ware has a career day with 3 sacks and 2 forced fumbles.)

If only tearing down the steel curtain was that easy. I can hope for a shutout right? It doesn't mean I'll get it though. I just think the Steelers are a team that's heading for cliff. Maybe they'll prove me wrong as usual. But for the rest of the NFL's sake I hope they really are starting to get a hitch in their step if you know what i mean. Because everybody and their mother are sick of the Steelers.

Week 16 (Dec 23rd)

New Orleans Saints @ Dallas Cowboys(The Saints find it ain't so easy in Big D. As Dallas nullifies New Orleans with a convincing 34-10 victory. Romo shines in this one as he outplays Drew Brees by a mile throwing for 28-35 326 and 4 Tds. The Saints were eliminated from playoff contention the week earlier.)

I know the Saints ain't gonna be an easy match up, but I think the bountygate and it's aftermath will really affect the team this season. I don't see them as powerful as other years. Plus Romo's already beat Brees and he can do it again.

Week 17 (Dec 30th)

Dallas Cowboys @ Washington Redskins(Dallas secures the NFC east with a hard fought grudge match between a revitalized Redskin team. The rivals trade blows leading up to the game being tied at 23 with less than a minute remaining with no timeouts remaining Tony Romo leads the cowboys into field goal range and Dan "The Man" Bailey clinches the NFC east crown for Dallas from 45 yards out.)

What better way to end the season? A dramatic road win for the division title? Redemption for last year's late season collapse and a near perfect december. Now that's what I'm talking about.

Final Record: 11-5 NFC East Champions

Now of course these predictions are all a bunch of hooey. But I really do think this team has a chance to be 11-5 maybe even 12-4. At worst I see this team at 8-8 again. And if they do make the playoffs I think we might have a dangerous team here. The 2011 Dallas Cowboys weren't that far off from the 2011 New York Giants. A few more breaks going our way and we could be hoisting something shiny this February. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed reading my long look into the crystal ball. And feel free to leave your two cents, I would love to hear what the Cowboy Nation has to say about this year's schedule. Hopefully we can make people fear the star again instead of dry humping it.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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