Jerry's Madman Plan!!!

I can't help but notice that, for no apparent reason and without any games played, Landry Jones' stock has gone from being a top ten pick to a solid second rounder.

With that said, the likelihood of what goes down after the jump actually happening is slim. I'm bored, my wife is pissed, and another 7 round mock would probably make my head pop. Though, I am sleeping on the couch for my love of the 'Boys(among other hormone and Adderall induced bitch fits) , I just can't quit them.

So, here goes anyway. I think it's awesome. If you don't... Well, I guess that sucks for you. On to the next blog.

If you do... Feel free to insert suggestions to fill those last holes at S and DL through our remaining draft picks this year and next year, plus 2013 FA and guys you feel may develop from the current squad.

So, say these dominoes all fall...

-We we trade back into the 20's for ammo to move back into the first.

-We take Konz and Zeitler with those two picks and Nagy happens to make a stellar 2nd and 3rd year leap(see Doug Free).

-We take Broyles in the 3rd.

-We take Landry Jones at the bottom of the first next year.

Where does that put us with our youth movement?

-We have one of the best college football playmaking trios that I can remember in Jones, Murray, and Broyles.

-We have a group of guys playing between the tackles that has been together through all stages of professional coaching. Starting at none other than OLine factory Wisconsin.(BTW, these guys made scrubs like Wilson and Ball look like superstars)

-We have one of the most productive ILB duos in Penn State's history.

I gotta tell you. That sounds pretty damn good considering the host of guys playing along side them.

- Vickers @ FB blowing what is left away for Murray.

- Dez and Miles drawing a fair amount of attention ;^) away from Broyles.

- Tron and Free capping off the ends on the OL for our cheese curd loving bruisers.

- Witten winding it down, but still solid.

- Carter manning the rotation with Lee and Conner

Not to mention guys like Ware, Spencer, Carr, Jenkins.


That is only 4 added players out of, more or less, 15 draft choices and another FA period. A few shots at DL and Safety and things could be looking up for these 'Boys REAL soon.

Oh, and if you're wondering where Romo is? Don't tell me, as much as Jerry loves him some Romo, the big man would not JUMP at the chance to have a big, strong, fast QB with a 1st round grade and that name on the back of his jersey.

Was actually named after Tom Landry. Dude was bred for this.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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