Romo982s 7 round mock draft version 3.0.

Okay so I know 3 mocks in 2 days, what. Well Im aerfectionest and I want a mock with no complaints so Here I go. dallas trades picks 14 81 and felix jones for Picks 32, 127 And justin tuck. This trade makes since because first off dallas needs a pass rusher and justin tuck seems to e on the block. second the giants are a little thin at rb and Felix is just a little better than dj ware.. third The giants will be wanting Cordy Glenn his versatility will give them flexibility on thier aging oline. That leaves the boys with picks 32 45 113 127 135 152 186 and 222. the picks after the jump.

with the number 32 over all pick dallas selects



wr kendall right form baylor. okay i know here me out on this one. tony romos window is closing and we need to help him achieve a superbowl ASAP and a ew toy at Wide reciever Who can play a Big roll in the lot. also jerrah cant ever resist the shiny new toy.

with the 45 overall pick dallas selects



amini slitao gaurd midwestern state. This is a big mauler of an ffensive line man with something to prove coming out of the lowly midwestern state. remember me talking about tonys closing window? that window just grew 2 or 3 years.

with the 113 overall pick dallas selects



derek wolfe de cincinati. although Justin tuck is great he wil being olb derek wolfe can replace jason hatcher or kenyon coleman at de. Can you imagine a front 7 of him rat lissy ware lee connor(carter?)and justin tuck. It'd be sackapalooza baby.

With the 127 overall pick dallas selects



jamell fleming cb oklahoma . As much as i love he addition of brandon car we still only have 3 cbs on our roster flemming he can be the nickel or dime corner.

with the 135 overall pick dallas selects



Brian linthecum TE michigan state. This guy can do it all he just needs to add some muscle to his frame and he's witten 2.0.

with the 152 overall pick dallas selects



terence ganaway rb baylor. This guy Is great at pounding the ball between the tackles. i see him as our between the 20/ Demarco murray is out guy.

With the 86 overall pick dallas selects



ishmaa'ily kitchen NT Kent state. This guy Is a absolute monster of a man who can go into the rotation with josh brent at nose tackle.

with the 222 overall pick dallas selects



patrick witt qb Yale. a developmental Pick in the 7th round, a real shocker.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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