Cowboys Draft Board, Mock Draft, and Roster Prediction

First, I take a stab at creating a Cowboys draft board. I attempted to blend best player available and needs.

1. Luck

2. Griffin

3. Claiborne

4. Kalil

5. Richardson

6. Cox

7. Decastro

8. Ingram

9. Brockers

10. Barron

11. Keuchly

12. Coples

13. Blackmon

14. Reiff

This was very difficult and I didn't take too much time to analyze. Keuchly is high even though ILB is not a big need because he is such a safe prospect. Connor is only signed for 2 years and even though I think Carter will be a good player, asking 2 ILB to play every down is asking too much. RB is not a big need, but Richardson is a once a decade player who would make the offense better instantly. Reiff could start at OG, possibly switching with Free is Free struggles again in 2012. Poe and Brockers make the top 14 on upside. WR's are risky first round picks, so that along with less need and the ability of the team being able to find good WRs late in the draft of as an UDFA is why Blackmon is low.

Mock Draft Through Pick 45 and Full Cowboys Mock Draft

1. IND - Luck

2. WAS - Griffin

3. MIN - Kalil

4. CLE - Richardson

5. TB - Claiborne

6. STL - Blackmon

7. JAC - Ingram (possibly a trade with the Jets)

8. MIA - Tannehill

9. CAR - Cox (Boys best hopes are dashed)

10. BUF - Reiff

11. KC - Keuchly

12. SEA - Coples

13. ARI - Decastro

14. DAL - Brockers

15. PHI - Barron

16. NYJ - Floyd (possibly JAC)

17. CIN - Gilmore

18. SD - Kirkpatrick

19. CHI - Poe

20. TEN - Gilmore

21. CIN - Glenn

22. CLE - Fleener

23. DET - J. Martin

24. PIT - Hightower

25. DEN - Worthy

26. HOU - Mike Adams

27. NE - McClellin

28. GB - Konz

29. BAL - Mercilus

30. SF - Stephen Hill

31. NE - Courtney Upshaw

32. NYG - Kendall Wright

33. STL - Kendall Reyes

34. IND - Silotolu

35. MIN - Reuben Randle

36. TB - Doug Martin

37. CLE - Weeden

38. JAC - Nick Perry

39. STL - Chandler Jones

40. CAR - Harrison Smith

41. BUF - Janoris Jenkins

42. MIA - A. Branch

43. SEA - Mychal Kendricks

44. KC - Brandon Thompson

45. DAL - Kevin Zeitner (C/G)

All Picks

1st Brockers (DE)

2nd Zeitner (C/G)

3rd Jamell Fleming (CB)

4th Jake Bequette (OLB)

4th Ryan Broyles (WR)

5th Jonathon Massaquoi (OLB)

6th Chris Greenwood (CB)

7th GJ Kinne (QB)

Roster Prediction

QB: Romo, Orton, Kinne

RB: Murray, Jones, Tanner

FB: Vickers

TE: Witten, Phillips, Logan Brock (UDFA)

WR: Austin, Bryant, Radway, Holmes, Harris (Broyles on PUP or IR)

OT: Smith, Free, Parnell

C/G: Zeitner, Livings, Bernadeau, Costa, Kowalski, Nagy, Arkin

DL: Ratliff, Brockers, Lissemore, Hatcher, Brent, Spears

OLB: Ware, Spencer, Baquette, Butler, Massoquoi

ILB: Lee, Carter, Connor, Albright

CB: Carr, Jenkins, Scandrick, Fleming, Greenwood, Butler

S: Sensabaugh, Pool, Church, McCray

LS: Can't remember his name, which is a good thing

K: Bailey

P: McBriar (resigned before training camp)

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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