A Super Bowl Mock Draft V2.0

After writing my first ever blog and mock draft recently and making a few mistakes, I learned from my mistakes and decided to give it another shot. As you all know if you read my first blog A Super Bowl Mock Draft V1.0 I am banking on Jason Garrett drafting an Alabama Defensive Player and I explain why on that blog. In this Mock draft I am going to take a completely different approach taking all new players to see which draft you guys would prefer more.Here is a list of the players I took in my first mock just in case you guys don't wanna check out the other blog and you know what I would have chosen in that one.

Round 1 after trade down : S-Mark Barron - Alabama
Round 2 : DE/DT- Jerel Worthy- MSU or DE/DT- Devon Still- Penn State
Round 3 - A : DB - Josh Robinson - UCF / DB - Jayron Hosley - VT or DB - Jamell Fleming - Oklahoma
Round 3 - B : DE/OLB - Jake Bequette - Arkansas
Round 4 : C/G - Phillip Blake - Baylor
Round 4 (Comp) : RB - Terrance Ganaway - Baylor
Round 5 : WR - Ryan Broyles - Oklahoma or WR- Joe Adams - Arkansas
Round 6 : TE - Evan Rodriguez - Temple
Round 7 : QB - Case Keenum - Houston

Now on to the second version of my mock draft with ALL NEW players... Which one will you guys like better? Also in this mock I will only select one player per pick with no options.

Once again I believe all the Alabama defensive guys will be there at pick #14 so we once again trade down and pick up an extra Third Rounder and with my First Round Pick I am selecting DE/OLB - Courtney Upshaw - Alabama Courntey-upshaw1_medium

I know some of you guys won't like this pick but this guy is a big player in big games as he showed in the National Championship Game against LSU, much like Nick Fairley of Auburn last year. Jerry has stated that he is looking for pass rush and this guy will definitely provide that and would be a great replacement to Anthony Spencer if he doesn't sign long term after next season. Not to mention this guy is working this off season with the same coach that Justin Tuck worked with to help him improve his pass rush and this guy is extremely more talented than Tuck was coming out of college.

With my Second Round Pick I will now select S - Harrison Smith - Notre DameHarrison-smith_medium


After not being able to select Barron in the first round this time we had to get the next best safety in the 2nd. This guy is a total RKG and a vocal leader much like Sean Lee was at Penn State and I believe he has the upside to turn into a really good S in the NFL. maybe not an Elite prospect like Ed Reed or Troy Polamalu but the second tier similar to an Eric Weddle type.

The first of 2 Third Round picks I am selecting G - Brandon Brooks - Miami of Ohio Brandon-brooks_medium


In case you haven't noticed via free agency the Cowboys are adding Big, Powerful G's to the OL this offseason as they already have a mixture of lighter, quicker G's from last year's draft... This guy fits that description to a T... at 6'5 and 346 lbs and able to bench press 225 lbs 36 times this guy is an absolute monster and provides great value at this spot.

With my 2nd Third Round selection I will select DL- Derek Wolfe - Cincinnati Derek-wolfe_medium


At this point in the draft he is a great value pickup here. at 6'5 295 and 33 reps on bench this guy is a flat-out beast and would significantly improve our D-Line and could provide great pass rush from one of the DE spots. With a stat line of 70 T's, 21.5 TFL's, 9.5 Sacks, and 2 FF's those are some great numbers for his last season of work on the Collegiate level if you ask me. And he is also a RKG and has a non - stop motor and great technique. If coached up properly, he could be a Pro Bowl player in a few years, not bad for a third round pick huh?

On to the Fourth Round I am selecting DB - Josh Norman - Coastal Carolina


At this point in the draft he is a complete steal, especially after his Senior Bowl campaign. Some scouts have him projected as a late third rounder but given the depth at DB in this draft it is very likely that he slides into the 4th and we can grab him here. Norman has the skill set to eventually be a NFL starter at the CB position and I believe he will be.

With the Fourth Round compensatory pick I will take TE - Michael Egnew - Missouri Michael-egnew_medium


This guy has seen a drop in his stock after a disappointing season in 2011 but put up some pretty decent measurables at the combine. However, he has shown that with a decent QB (Blaine Gabbert in 2010) he can put up some good numbers (90 catches, 762 yds, and 5 TD's) and he will have much more than that here in Big D with Tony Romo. at this point in the draft he is a player worth taking in my opinion, he doesn't have the greatest speed but at 6'5 and in possession of a great set of hands he could be an ideal 2nd TE compliment to Witten and a nice red zone target.

With the Fifth Round choice I am selecting CB - Coryell Judie - Texas A&M Coryelljudie_medium


I figure it's time to take a chance on a hometown guy in the fifth round and at worst he is better than Alan Ball and Frank Walker which is all he has to be right now anyways. He does have some upside and with a coach like Jerome Henderson coaching him up he could eventually turn into a formidable CB one day which isn't bad for a Fifth round pick IMO.

With the Sixth Round Pick I am selecting WR - Marquis Maze - Alabama Marquis-maze-dda220d1e52ef568_medium


Due to the deep WR class I think he will slip to the 6th round and will be a steal here if you ask me. A great PR as well in college and shows all the skills to be a viable Slot WR in the NFL after a few seasons. I think he can come in right away and challenge for at least a #4 WR spot and possibly #3. A bit of a sleeper pick due to the fact he played on a team that likes to run the ball first and play hard defense and he never really had an opportunity to shine playing behind guys like Mark Ingram, Julio Jones, and Trent Richardson. I think you get a player with a tremendous amount of upside in the 6th round and I'll take that all day long.

And with the Seventh Round and final pick I select DL - Nicolas Jean-Baptiste - Baylor Nicolasjean-baptisteaction4_medium


This guy is all you can ask for in a seventh round pick and possibly won't be here. but given the depth at his position it is very much a possibility. I, amongst other fans, have been clamoring for a HUGE NT to put in the middle to, if for nothing else, at least spell Ratliff and keep him fresher so that he can apply more pressure when in the game. Or completely move Ratliff to DE. this is the exact guy that could do that at 6'1 and 335 pounds and an incredible bull rush he could most definitely collapse the pocket on QB's and provide more opportunity for Courtney Upshaw to get to the QB and even Demarcus Ware (If that's possible lol). What more could you want out of a 7th round pick?

There you have it guys, my second mock draft with all new players. Just curious which one you guys would like better and I am interested in you guys' opinions. So have at it and I will be checking back to see what kind of responses I get.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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