Dream Mock v2

I got to say I had fun posting up my first fanpost yesterday and my first mock. I feel like doing another mock so here I go...

My v1 mock was more realistic as I can make it and I am trying to do the same here but I am going to trade down from our 14th spot to the 21st spot with Cincinnati and pick up a 2rd round from them so we would acquire their 53rd pick.

Round 1, 21st pick the Boys select...

CB Stephon Gilmore , South Carolina



This kid is a good pickup and could press and may need to work on some zone coverage but he has a bright future for Rob Ryan. Im not sure if he will last this long but it is my dream mock so who cares lol.

2nd Round- 45th pick the Cowboys select:

OLB Bruce Irvin, West Virginia



This dude is a pass rusher and if he can get groomed by Ware then you have his replacement for the future or Spencer if they don't resign him. He has the athletic gift that Ware has and could be a steal.

2rd Round, 53rd overall the cowboys select...

OG Kevin Zeitler , Wisconsin



Like I said in my last mock.

3rd Round, 81st overall the cowboys select...

FS George Iloka, Boise State



This guy has good cover skills and man to man as well. He is explosive athlete and has good ball skills. He would solidify our secondary now that we have Carr, Jenkins, Scanderick, Gilmore, Pool, Sensi, Church, and Iloka. Gives us depth and he is smart.

4rth Round, 113th overall the cowboys select..

DE Malik Jackson, Tennesse



Once again, a steal. This guy can start from day one.

4th round pick, compensatory pick 135th overall

WR Marvin Jones, California



Fills a need and is tall and fast. Has great hands and he would compete for a our number 3 position.

5th Round- 152nd pick overall

C Phillip Blake, Baylor



This guy might not make it here but if he does than it would another steal and would create more competition for our center job and hopefull that Costa doesn't get the job.

6th- 186th overall

QB Patrick Witt, Yale



A Developmental QB that Romo and Orton can develop and could be a good qb in the future. I just thought of a QB before the Romo era is gone.

7th Round, 222nd overall

TE/FB Rhett Ellison, Southern Carolina



This guy has hard work ethic and is told what he is asked. He can play FB, H-Back and TE and is solid all around player. The RKG that JG is looking for.

I hope you all like it and please comment :)

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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