Tyrone Crawford Fits RKG Mentality, Has No Major Weaknesses

The Tyrone Crawford grape-flavored Haterade is being sold in bulk at BTB. I don't know if it's because he's relatively unknown, or because the words – "raw" and "upside" – turn people off. But I don't think you should be so quick to judgement.

I don't know about you, but 1.5 years of Jason Garrett and "The Cowboy Way" have instilled me with a great sense of peace and confidence about the way the team's being built, "the process" and the forming culture at Valley Ranch – a culture where Crawford should fit right in.

From his Scouts, Inc. Profile:

Very coachable.

Works hard on and off the field.

Appears to have good football character.

... plays with good discipline and a great motor.

Plays through the whistle.

Works hard to get into play from backside.

Somewhere Jason Garrett is nodding and smiling – screams RKG. If you don't want to take Scouts, Inc's word for it, listen to the "secret audio" between Tyrone and the Cowboys, as well as his first conference call with Dallas media. Crawford sounds very smart and well-spoken.


Ringing Endorsements

Then you have the National Football Post prospect rankings, where Crawford graded out as the seventh best defensive end and 83rd best prospect overall. His big selling point was that he has "NO major weaknesses".

Mike Mayock, one of the draft analysts I respect the most, had this reaction upon hearing Crawford was selected at 81: "Boy, that's a good pick."



Maybe you wanted an o-lineman, maybe you wanted a nose tackle, maybe you wanted a skil position, but based on various reactions and prospects rankings, the Cowboys did not "reach" for Crawford at 81, nor is he just some "project".

He's already a solid player – with "no major weakness" – he simply has upside to become something more. He's a guy who's going to come in and compete for a starting job right away and continue to be the RKG, as Brian Baker, Rex Ryan and the coaching staff attempt to harness the potential Crawford supposedly has.

At the very least, the Cowboys drafted a cheap, young replacement for Marcus Spears. He provides the defensive line with incredible depth and versatility, and has the potential to become a quality starter in the National Football League.

Just because they didn't draft the guy you wanted, or the guy I wanted doesn't automatically make it a bad pick. If Jason Garrett and company felt like he was the best option, then I'm buying in, because they've done their homework and have me drinking another kind of aid – the RKG, Cowboy Way Kool-Aid.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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