My First (And Only) Mock Draft

#1 Colts- A. Luck QB- no need for explanation the obvious pick for the colts here

#2 Redskins - R. Griffin QB - hard to give up too much for a franchise QB, but i think the redskins did, 4 potential starters?? wow

#3 Vikings - M. Kalil OT - Vikings are in reconstruction, and that starts with a good O-line

#4 Browns - J. Blackmon WR - you can`t judge Colt McCoy based on the weapons he had last year, now he has a real weapon

#5 Buccaneers - T.Richardson - The only other option here is Morris Claiborne,but RB prospects like this don`t come around too often

#6 Rams - M. Floyd WR - They just lost Brandon Lloyd, t might be a little of a reach, but i say its a good pick

#7 Jaguars - M. Claiborne CB - The jags are shocked to see Claiborne still availible, and grab him as the BPA

#8 Dolphins - R. Tannehill QB - missed out on RG3 - strike one missed out on Manning - strike two missed out on Flynn strike three, you get the point, the fins REALLY need a QB

#9 Panthers - Q. Coples DE - If he falls he is the BPA, and there defencive line needs serious help since Peppers left

#10 Bills - L. Kuechly MLB - BOLD PREDICTION - bills = most improved team, Luke Kuechly and Mario Williams lead an elite defense

#11 Chiefs - M. Ingram DE/OLB - with Michael Floyd gone the chiefs look to strenghen there defense

#12 Seahawks - K. Wright - WR - A bit of a reach here, but the seahawks #1 WR right now is Sidney Rice

#13 Cardinals - David DeCastro OG - I can almost here the loud NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! following this pick, but Arizona is in need of a OG and DeCastro is the best one

#14 Cowboys - Dontari Poe NT - no explanation, I don`t agree with the pick, but i have a gut feeling it will happen

#15 Eagles - Whitney Mercilus DE - What a scary defesive line, Babin, Cole and now Mercilus

#16 Jets - R. Reiff OT - Jets O-line is a mess and is Reiff falls this is a no-brainer for them

#17 Bengals - D. Kirkpatrick CB - CB is probably the #1 priority for the bengals, Kirkpatrick is easily the #2 CB

#18 Chargers - C. Upshaw DE/OLB - The Chargers need a WR but after they added 4 WRs in FA i doubt they draft one, and is Upshaw falls this is a steal for them

#19 Bears - F. Cox - NT - Cox and Peppers will form a great team getting after the QB together.

#20 Titans - S. Gilmore CB -Cortland Finnegan leave hello Stephen Gilmore, what a quick replacement

#21 Bengals - C. Glenn OG/OT - if Decastro is not availible then they get the next best guard

#22 Browns - J.Jenkins CB - I know this is not a position of need, but the browns showed interest in Claiborne, and wanted Mike Jekins if Dallas would move up

#23 Lions - M. Barron S - The Lions secondary needs serious help and Barron is like the next Ed Reed

#24 Steelers - D. Hightower MLB - this is perfect for them, a younger version of James Farior

#25 Broncos - D. Still NT - The Broncos continue to build a younger defense through the draft

#26 Texans - S. Hill WR - A small, speedy WR to go next to the big strong Andre Johnson

#27 Patriots - N. Perry DE - The Patriot can go BPA in one of their 1rst round draft picks b/c they hae two of them

#28 Packers - D.Wilson RB - This give GB a good mix of run and pass they were looking for

#29 Ravens - M. Brockers NT - A talented NT to go next to Haloti Ngata

#30 49ers - A. Dennard CB - CB is the one position on defense that they don`t have quality depth for

#31 Patriots - L . Miller RB - Green -Elis left and the ground game for the pats wasn`t so good last year

#32 Giants - B. Irvin OLB - BPA is the giants strategy, and they love pass rushers

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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